If you’re a music fan, chances are you stream at least most of your favorite tunes online every day. Streaming apps like Spotify have come to dominate the music industry, yet on-the-go listening still requires lugging around a bulky smartphone or laptop. Not any more. Mighty: The First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player lets you play your Spotify music without a smartphone, or even an Internet connection, and it’s finally available for purchase on a few sites.

Even if you’re one of the lucky remaining few smartphone users who enjoys limitless data, streaming music from your phone is still a hassle when you’re out and about, and you’re always at the mercy of a reliable cell signal. Mighty stores your music offline, so you don’t have to worry about bad reception, and pairs quickly and easily with Bluetooth headsets and speakers (as well as wired, 3.5mm headphones).

And with a storage capacity of over 1,000 songs and a battery life of five hours, you won’t have to worry about your tunes cutting out any time soon.

Free your Spotify playlist from the confines of your smartphone with Mighty: The First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player, while it’s available here for $78 with “MIGHTY10”.

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