Alongside wireless charging, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support a new feature Apple has dubbed fast charge. Apple states that you can achieve 50% battery with just 30 minutes of charge time.

Wireless charging is a convenient way to charge, but the speed is exceptionally slow. Wirelessly, you can charge with 5W (soon to be upgraded to 7.5W later this year). That is the same as Apple’s slowest USB power adapter. If you are looking for a quicker way to fuel up, fast charge is your best option. Of course, it isn’t nearly that simple and you must use a compatible cable and power adapter to make it happen.

We went hands-on with several of the best power adapters to fast charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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To use fast charging on your iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you need two components. A Lightning to USB-C cable, and a USB-C wall charger.

Lightning cable

When it comes to the Lightning cable, you really only have one option: Apple. Currently, Apple does not certify any third-party manufacturers to produce USB-C Lightning cables.

The reason you need a USB-C Lightning cable is because the standard USB-A Lightning cables that come with your phone, only support USB 2.0, which is limited in charging speed. The USB-C variant supports USB 3, which can charge at faster rates.

Wall chargers

We took a look at a myriad of options for wall chargers that will support fast charge, including Apple’s power adapters. We will break them down one-by-one, then provide a summary at the end on how they performed, as well as our recommendations.

Apple 5W charger

Apple includes a 5W charger in the box with every iPhone. Annoyingly, this is one of the slowest for your device. We still included it in our test, but it obviously was the worst performer.

Apple 12W charger

This is the charger that is included with several iPads. It is quite a bit faster when charging your phone, and something many have taken advantage of for years. While it is great for older phones, it still isn’t the fastest option available for Apple’s latest devices.

Apple 29W charger

If you have a 12″ MacBook, you will have one of these lying around. This is Apple’s smallest USB-C power adapter, and a great option for charging up your phone with fast charge. The biggest downside, is the price of Apple’s adapters are quite hefty, and we’ve found several third-party options that charge nearly as quick for almost half the cost.

If you don’t have a MacBook, and want to pick one of these up, they are on Amazon for $47.93.

Other Apple chargers

Apple has larger USB-C charging adapters as well. For instance, the 61W and 87W chargers included with the MacBook Pros. It is entirely safe to use these high powered chargers with your iPhone, as they will limit themselves to only what the iPhone can handle. The iPhone 8 and X can’t handle nearly that amount, so using any of these adapters will yield pretty much the same charge times as the 29W power adapter.

Anker 30W charger

This Anker charger is a great solution for fast charging, and comes in at nearly half the price of Apple’s.

There are two minor downsides to the Anker charger, which is the lack of extension cord support like Apple’s, and the status LED that is unnecessarily added to the front.

Size wise, it is pretty much the exact same size as Apple’s 29W adapter, if not a tad larger.

You can find this 30W Anker charger for just above $21 on Amazon.


Aukey Amp Duo

The Aukey Amp Duo is another really handy one because it not only is a USB-C charger, but has an adapter with two USB-A ports as well. You can’t utilize them all at once, but you can use either the USB-C port for fast charging, or the two USB-A ports for other devices.

This is a great option because not only does it have the added convenience, but it comes in with a very low price of $22.99 over on Amazon.


Lumsing is another attractive offering. It can provide up to 48W of power between its USB-A and USB-C ports. Both ports can be used simultaneously, and even comes in cheaper than the Aukey solution.

Because of the additional power, this is also a great option for a MacBook charger as well.

It’s currently listed on Amazon for $21.99.


The last option we looked at is the 36W dual charger from RAVPower. It is also the cheapest on the list by just a hair. We were very impressed with the Qi charging pad and USB-C battery pack from RAVPower, and we were just as happy with their power adapter as well.

Like Lumsing, it has both USB-A and USB-C ports to accommodate different types of chargers at the same time. The downside is that it is a bit less power than the very similar Lumsing model.

You can currently find the RAVPower adapter on Amazon for $20.99.


We performed a test with several of the included power adapters, to see how they stood up to one another, and Apple’s options.

For this test, I would drain the iPhone 8 Plus, then start a timer for 30 minutes. At the end of the 30 minutes, I would take note of the battery percentage that was gained. I tested 3 of Apple’s power adapters, as well as a few additional chargers.

The first thing to note, the 5W charger is useless. After a full 30 minutes, barely 25% of the battery was regained. This is pretty terrible considering your other options.

Apple’s 29W charger performed best, though not by much. In fact, there was only slight deviation in all of the chargers when they were tested. This helps verify Apple’s claimed of 50% capacity in 30 minutes, and that you don’t need to splurge on Apple’s first-party adapters. The third-party ones performed almost nearly as well, with more features, and often half the cost.

Wrapping up

When it comes to picking a favorite, it’s hard to say. If you are going purely for the lowest cost that can act as a fast charger, RAVPower is probably your best bet. But if you are looking for some additional functionality out of it, the Aukey Duo is a solid choice.

Regardless, all performed well and you can’t go wrong choosing any of them.

Let us know which is your favorite, or any others you’ve found down below in the comments.

  • BlackPantherK

    Still not getting over the fact I’m going to have to spend an extra amount just to get fast charging on a €1400 = $1600USD phone.

    • Diego Milano

      Apple can be that RIDICULOUS.

    • I guess I don’t understand the issue. Am I the only one that charges my phone at night? As long as it charges in 8 hours and lasts all day I couldn’t care less what the speeds are… Not like I’m using it then anyways.

      • BlackPantherK

        That’s the problem, I’ve got to charge my phone at least twice a day or 3 times on some occassions. My night is only 5-6 hours of sleep and then I’m off.

        A lot of people I know need to charge their devices multiple times a day, so yes this is a issue.

      • Needing to charge 2-3 times a day is a lot and almost makes me wonder if investing in a battery case would be a good idea.

        I don’t know which model you have or how old it is, but you may be encouraged to know that the iPhone 8 is reported to have better battery life than any previous model. In fact one review ran the headline “Oh so this is what good battery life feels like” when reviewing it and I can only assume that the iPhone X should be somewhat similar.

        As far as the charger goes, in the off chance you have an iPad you could borrow its charger to speed up charging your iPhone. Otherwise you could always wait for a 3rd party charger to come out as they often are cheaper than Apple.

      • BlackPantherK

        I’ve got an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB and isn’t even a year old, but had the same with my 6 and 6S Plus. Also I’ve got the Mophie Juice Pack for the 7 Plus and still have to charge a minimum of two times a day.

        It’s just bothering me that all my Android friends get 24 hours with the same type of use as me, while I’m always hanging around a wall outlet…

        I hope the batterylife is better on the X, but not really sure.

        Quetion, I guess MFI certified cables are going to be a must to get the fast charging?

      • Well quite honestly a MFI certified cable should be a must no mater what in my opinion. iPhones actually have a lot of technology in the iPhone and certified cables (Like the ability to try and detect if there is moisture and prevent charging if it’s wet on later models) and most of it is designed to protect your phone. There’s a reason that most iPhone fires that you hear of involve cheap knockoff chargers…

        I’m sure there are some great ones out there that have reverse engineered Apples cable tech but in my opinion it’s just not worth the gamble when your device costs over $1,000.

        Well other tips for potentially saving battery is that if you’re around WiFi most of your day see if you can get a carrier that supports WiFi calling. That way you can use call, text and data over WiFi and use you phone in airplane mode. It’s actuallly surprising how much battery that saves. If that’s not an option you can also look at your energy usage statistics and see if there are any apps that aren’t behaving. Some apps like Facebook have been known to eat a lot of battery when not in use.

      • BlackPantherK

        Well, I’m going to have to agree on you with the MFI cables & sadly Carriers in Belgiun really suck that’s for sure (also no Wifi Calling support), but I’ll give it a go to not use Facebook, Twitter, etc when I’m on the go.

        Nice talk tho

      • Hey nice chatting with you too. I know there’s some good articles out there on Google that have lots of tips and tricks to save battery life on iPhones which might be worth a read. Hopefully you can find some ways to save on yours 🙂

      • Anonymouse

        How are you JohnS? Your comments do make me chuckle sometimes as one minute thought provoking and methodical the next minute acting as naive as a virgin at a sexpo. 🙂

      • Hahaha that’s some description 😛 Honestly a lot of that probably has to do with whether I’m writing comments in the morning after getting my sleep or at night when I should be sleeping.

        To be honest though I did mess up with that last comment. Most of the time when I see a comment saying “Why doesn’t Apple just give us ______?” it’s quite rare that the person actually even needs it. For instance people were all up in arms a while back over Apple limiting memory on laptops and I argued with several dozen people across multiple sites over this and proved that not one of them actually needed more than Apple’s limits.

        Anyways, all that to say when I read that comment my mind just sort of went to, “Oh here’s another person thinking Apple is rich and they should just give them things” and instead of writing a comment trying to figure out where he was coming from, I hoped straight into a mode of questioning if he actually really even needed it. That was premature on my part and I shouldn’t have done that.

      • Anonymouse

        Well to be fair, Apple is rich 🙂 Yes that’s why I had to make the reference to jolt you back to notmality and to quote a common phrase, ‘you were behaving out of character’.:)

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I miss the days of watching Jeff’s videos.

    Andrew, I like your videos but this is yet another time that I’ve noticed your video need some extra editing. Seems like you are talking too fast and you get winded or something. Couple times you needed to take out some obvious mistakes when you were talking. I also feel like the background music is just a tad too loud and it gets a bit hard to hear you at times.

    Not hating on your work Andrew, just thought I’d give you my thoughts.

    • Diego Milano

      I also noticed the music can be a bit too loud compared to his voice, so I agree on that, haha. Some of those minor details can make a huge difference and should be easy to implement. I hope he does listen to the advices.

      • Anonymouse

        He hasn’t since he commenced so your hopes are hopeless 🙂

      • Jose Gonzalez

        I personally don’t hope. Just stating my two cents. Simple, I just wont watch any of his videos here on out.

  • Искрен Георгиев

    What about Apple Watch charger?

  • SpideyRules

    “Apple finally introduces wireless charging!!!”

    “Here’s the fastest wired chargers…”

    If people don’t know about faster wired charging with their iPhones by now, they don’t care…

    • igobythisname


    • Diego Milano

      I do care but I’m an ignorant, haha. For instance, I always wonder if more powerful chargers could reduce the life cycle of the device battery. The other challenge is that in my country it’s hard to get a decent brand for one of these, they are either usually extremely expensive to the point it’s not that worth the money, or you just can’t get them.

  • Fanboy 

    This article was really informative, thanks so much! I will be picking up some of these now.

  • Hunter926

    Thanks for the article!
    Did you actually test the 29watt vs the 61/87 watt?
    They have different supported outputs and no-one seems to want to actually do a thorough review of the performance between the 3. Maybe with a usb power meter or just charge times between the 3

  • Diego Milano

    I like that comparison chart A LOT! Thank you for putting it together. So what you’re saying is it wouldn’t matter if we get one charger with more than 29W because we wouldn’t be able to charge the iPhone any faster than what that charger allows you to, even if it has 40W or 80W? Forgive my ignorance, I’m new to this (and yes, I’m only interested in getting one of these to charge an iPhone, for the most part). Thanks.

  • Juan Genao

    if you use a fast charging cable / charger on a regular iphone, is there any damage done to the phone ?

  • Exactly like the article at 9To5Mac!… or maybe they copied?!