Journalists have noticed that iPhone X doesn’t have Reachability but Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo‏ is suggesting that Cupertino may be bringing Reachability support to the upcoming OLED handset after all, and he posted video evidence to prove it.

His Twitter video shows Reachability in action on a virtual iPhone X, courtesy of the latest version of iOS Simulator. The new Xcode beta released yesterday comes with a more fully-fledged iPhone X Simulator so it’s quite possible that Reachability for iPhone X is part of the upcoming iOS 11.1 update or one of the subsequent updates.

“I don’t know which button you use [to invoke Reachability] though,” Guilherme added. Keep in mind that this could be nothing more that just some code residue.

I’ve tried many different gestures in iPhone X Simulator in the hope of invoking Reachability on the fly—from double-tapping and pulling down both the bottom line and the top bar, to two-finger taps and what not—but none of them worked.

For what it’s worth, Apple has always advertised Reachability as an assistive feature so perhaps this is something iPhone X owners could only find in the AssistiveTouch menu?

Like other assistive features, Reachability is available in the AssistiveTouch menu.

Reachability is an awesome feature that makes one-handed iPhone navigation way easier so I was kinda bummed to find out that it’s nowhere to be found on iPhone X. For the uninitiated, Reachability makes reaching the top of the screen as easy as double-tapping the Home button.

This slides the screen down so that you can reach everything with your thumb (works only in portrait mode). I’ll be be pleased if Apple adds Reachability to iPhone X via an iOS 11.x update.

Available on iPhone 6 and up, Reachability can be toggled in Settings → General → Accessibility.

According to comScore’s “2017 US Mobile App Report,” on average 55 percent of people said they used Reachability, with 76 percent of millennial iPhone users taking advantage of it. 39 percent of those aged 35-54 used Reachability versus 32 percent of those aged 55 and up.

The latest iOS Simulator has also revealed the new iPhone X Lock/Home screen experience.

For example—and not present in Apple’s current iPhone X marketing materials—a new indicator in the Lock screen’s top-right corner gives a cue that pulling down on the right side of the status bar invokes Control Center (as evidenced by the screenshot above).

  • techfreak23

    Hopefully they figure it out. I was really disappointed that it was excluded since I have been using that feature ever since the 6 came out… I emailed Craig the other day asking about it, but I have gotten no response.

    • TechnoBuff

      i know a lot of people won’t agree with me.. it seems iPhoneX is far from finished. There is more than materials constraints affecting this phone. Apple is still polishing the overall implementation. it does not seem like a fully finished product yet.

      • techfreak23

        Yeah, which is a shame. The original iPhone unveiling by Steve Jobs had a partially functioning demo. The engineers in the audience were on edge hoping that the areas that Steve Jobs was demoing didn’t fail.
        I really hate this yearly upgrade cycle, for both hardware and software, because it leaves a lot of room for error. I know they begin development years in advance (they’re already working on the next 3 iPhones down the road), but that still forces them to rush when an expected launch date is imminent. Then they try to complete the product over the next year with . updates.

      • Steve Harold

        The iPhone 4-5S was the glory days….. I got an 8 Plus and love it. It’s a ploshied perfect, proven product. I’ll probanly get an X variant down the line, but for now my 8 Plus is enough for me, and reliable enough.

      • Good choice, the iPhone X is currently a mess right now. Spent a while playing with it in the simulator and it’s a huge step back usability wise if you’re used to the plus. There’s a lot that can be fixed with software updates, but until they do anyone who uses a plus should avoid the new phone unless faceID and animoji are super important features to them.

      • Fanboy 

        Are you really making your judgement based off using the simulator? Lol. Wait to get the phone to use it before you make any opinions.

      • Nope! I made my mind up a long time ago and for WAY more reasons that what I found in the simulator.

        Besides, the whole reason I even looked in the simulator was to see if I could verify some of the issues people were noticing in the hands on demo area at the apple event (and sad to say it’s as bad as people said it was). Obviously many of these things can be fixed with software updates and I was simply agreeing with Steve that it will be wise to wait instead of rushing out an buying one immediately.

      • Steve Harold

        Thanks for the insight on the simulator. And yeah animoji seems like a gimmicky thing Snapchat would do, and honestly Tocuh ID works for me 100% of the time and I like it, and I can have multiple fingerprints (only one face). The cameras are practically identical, as are the A11 chips so I’m not all that concerned. Only thing I Thorne I might want is the selfie portrait mode, but all things considered I don’t care that that much about that feature….

        And again I’m happy with my 8 Plus. It’s a solid, dependable phone similar to my last one that gets everything I want done, without having to relearn to use a phone. I want my home button. I want control center at the bottom. I don’t rant that ugly little and the the bottom of my apps.

      • It’s that part “it does not seem like a fully finished product yet” that has me so annoyed with Apple over this. Why would you take a device that clearly needs more time to polish up and hype it up saying it’s not the 7S Pro, it’s not the 8 or evern the 8S, 9 or 9S… it’s the 10! We’re going to outdo Microsoft and jump up 5 version numbers just to push this rushed unfishied product to market.

  • Well if Apple does manage to include this feature on the X in a way that makes sense it will certainly be a step in the right direction, but there are way to many other areas in which this phone is a step backwards for me to start getting excited now.

  • Edgar Barrios

    you will just pull down from the edge of the screen. that is the reason the multitasking edge force press was removed.

    • I don’t think that’s the case. It probably was removed because it conflicted with their new swipe up and pause gesture to get to multitasking. Not to mention that the force press and slide is actually significantly quicker to use (if early hands on footage is anything to go by) and Apple probably had to remove it if the wanted people to use the new system.

      Also I tried pulling down from the edge of the screen in the simulator as your suggested and that doesn’t work as a way to enter reachability mode.

  • Hey Christian,

    I’m not sure I would put much stock in this. It could be true (and I hope it is), but the simulator is kind of dumb and if you lock the iPhone X simulator for instance it will tell you to “Press home to open”. Turns out the simulator keyboard shortcut for the Home button still works and you can pretty much use it just like you’d expect (even using it to enter multitasking mode). For now I’m assuming that this is just code shared by all iPhones and not representative of any plans to bring back reachability.

    That said, I hope Apple does bring it back. It sorely needs it, but just the fact that it’s in the simulator isn’t proof Apple is working on anything.

  • nathan stout

    Apple is getting sloppy… should have already had this figured out

  • Marcel

    i know a lot of people won’t agree with me.. it seems iPhoneX is far from finished. There is more than materials constraints affecting this phone. Apple is still polishing the overall implementation. it does not seem like a fully finished product yet ( the demo in a controlled environment during the launch event does not signify a finished product by the way).

    • Not sure what there would be to disagree with. While the hardware is certainly done, we already have iOS 11.1 as a beta and not even that has all the features that we were promised in iOS 11. And with Apple rolling out patches much more frequently these days to iOS I suppose you could say iOS 11 won’t really be done until well into 2018 😛

      • John

        I’m not sure why people always assume all (announced) features MUST be released with the .0 release…

      • I personally think it’s a reasonable expectation. If apple says iOS 11 will have feature X and iOS 11 is coming in 2 weeks, I think the natural assumption for most people is that iOS 11 will have feature X when it comes out in 2 weeks.

        In fact, unless you state that it will be coming out in a later patch soon after the launch of the product you could be held liable for false advertising if someone bought your product specifically for the feature that wasn’t there. It’s just unfortunate that this time around most of that wasn’t presented in the keynote and instead had to be found on the site as small print.

        Anyways, the point I was making wasn’t about expectations for features at launch as much as it was that the software is obviously still in development since we don’t yet have everything that we were told was going to be in iOS 11. And since it’s not in iOS 11.1 Beta either we know we are getting at least and iOS 11.2 update after that which is a minimum of 2 releases Apple can clean up their act when it comes to the iPhone X.

      • John

        Your use of the English language frightens me but I’ll try my best to look beyond that.

        You must be new to the world of iOS, so welcome I hope you’re enjoying your Apple products. What did you own before you used this?

        You know that this is the VERY FIRST BETA of iOS 11.1, the fact you’ve ruled out additional functionality being implemented in future betas is a joke.

      • Sorry if my English comes across as poor, I write most of my comments from my phone and don’t have time to look over them before posting.

        As far as Apple goes, I have the Mac Pro G5, 2007 iMac, 2017 iMac, iPad 1, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1, iPhone (first-gen), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Apple TV 2nd Gen, Apple TV 4th Gen, 2013 MacBook Air, and I have 2 published apps on the App Store (to say nothing of all the Apple accessories that I have as well).

        I’ve tested a LOT of BETAs both for Apple and for developers around the world both as a hobby and professionally. Typically the way a BETA works is that you want users to test an existing set of changes or features in your software. Based on their feedback you iterate as necessary and deploy to your general users once it’s stable enough. It’s not common for Apple or anyone in the tech industry to release a BETA and keep adding major out of scope features to it. (The big exception to this is the video game industry that launches games in “betas” but they aren’t true beta programs and are more of a marketing gimmick.)

        It’s not impossible by any stretch, but as a general rule any large changes or features will show up at the beginning of a BETA.

      • MMA Rules

        Until I use it then I can say it isn’t finished, if you don’t test drive a car you can’t say it’s comfortable or not

      • M_Hawke

        I don’t think your comparison works.

      • I’m so confused by this answer right now that I have no idea how to respond… what are you trying to say?

      • M_Hawke

        What I don’t get is why existing features like Reachability and 3D app switching doesn’t carry over into the new OS. It’s seems almost silly.

      • Well reachability probably didn’t make it because there was no button to double tap and honestly the UI on the X is so bad I can’t imagine Apple has had much time to really think about it.

        As far as the 3D Touch gesture to enter app switching IDK. I guess they thought that people would rather swipe up and hold to get to that even though it’s more fiddly and annoying?

      • Luis Felipe Artola

        Now that the iphone X is out, we know reachability was always there but it was disabled by default. Once enabled from settings, it works by swiping down on the bottom line (the one that replaced the home button with swiping it up to go back to the home screen). So this article was right and there’s the missing piece of the puzzle: a swipe down gesture. Note that the iphone X is shipping with ios 11.0.1

      • I mentioned in another comment to you, but my main point of mentioning reachability is that the iPhone X can’t be used one handed without it. And unless they change reachability on the X I stand by that as the swipe down from the top corner is extraordinarily hard to reach one handed and reachability historically hasn’t allowed off screen to onscreen gestures to be brought down as well.

        But it certainly is a welcome addition and I’m glad to hear that it’s there. (Now if only they’d fix my other 30 odd issues with the phone I can rush out and buy it :P)

  • :D

    Maybe an n-motion from the bottom

  • Rob

    Has anyone with a simulator tried pulling up as if you’re exiting the app and then slamming it back down again? That’s the first gesture that comes to mind for me that seems like a natural way to do it

    • MMA Rules

      Or sliding or swiping the bar left or right to invoke it, I remember there was a Jailbreak tweak that allowed you to do that

      • Rob

        I think I remember seeing a hands on area demo of someone sliding left / right to jump back and forth between apps, looking forward to that

      • Yeah if you lift the app up slightly and move left or right you can switch apps (although it’s a bit fiddly but I imagine will become natural with practice). However raising the app and “slamming it back down” does nothing.

      • Luis Felipe Artola

        swiping down does trigger reachability, but it needs to be enabled in settings first. It was revealed once the phone came out.

      • Oh cool! Thanks for the tip, that would potentially remove one of the big pain points I have with the X. I’ll have to check the settings the next time I play with one.

    • Luis Felipe Artola

      Now that the iphone x is out, the correct gesture has been revealed to be swiping down on the bar. But that needs to be enabled in the acessibiity settings first, as it is disabled by default.

  • MMA Rules

    Did he try sliding or swiping the finger to the right or left on the bar?

    • That doesn’t do anything. There is however a gesture similar to what you’re describing where you slide up just a little and then to the left or right but that simply switches between the app you’re using and the app you were last using.

      • Luis Felipe Artola

        Swipe down on the bar. That’s how it turned out to work now that the phone is out. But first it requires going to settings>general>accesibility and enabling reachability, which is disabled by default.

      • Just saw your other comment about this. Going to screen grab this so I can try it out next time I go to the Apple Store. Do you have the X by any chance? My big complaint with the other iPhones is that reachability doesn’t allow you to access the pull-down notification tray when swiping down from the top of the reachability area (you still must swipe down from off screen) and it doesn’t pull down notifications either.

        This isn’t a huge deal on the non-X since I can easily reach the top of the left side of the screen one handed but that top right corner is still going to be out of my reach (or at least it will for me) unless reachability fixes this issue (which would certainly be a welcome change).

      • Luis Felipe Artola

        Yeah I think you’re right, putting the control center on the top right for the iphone x was not the best idea. I hadn’t thought about it not allowing to use the phone with only one hand, but you are right. And no, I don’t have the X, but I did have a chance to play with a demo unit in a store. I don’t plan to buy it for now, however, because I can live the without face recognition features and the longer screen and use my 6s for another year. It can’t be obsolete if it is still part of apple’s current product lineup.

  • Altinakis George

    Ok, like i said it before. Apple programming team is ridiculous. No, they really are.
    I will remind you of one tiny little Cydia tweak called Tage. A fraction of lines that made all this swyping thing that now iphone X does but so much more. At least Apple could copy that elegant and perfect way of working the phone without any button. I am really pissed off with the Apple programming in so many cases.
    Ok now the reachability thing. Two words: swype from the down left or down right corner moving up for about one cm and it’s done. Simply as that.
    For left or right hand users.
    I see some screenshots below depicting a mode in the accessibility menu. Oh god, why Apple does such terrible thinkings…
    Really sad here…

    Tell me your thoughts anyway.

  • sonny2dap .

    I might be the only one but anyone else think this looks very non apple? I honestly think their aesthetic design is lacking on this, every apple product I have ever owned has been instantly identifiable as an apple product, the old colored plastic macs, the white Ibooks followed by mac books and then the brushed aluminium cases, the ipod click wheel, the ipod headphones themselves, the home button on every other iphone. Maybe I’m just suffering from nostalgia but to me the X is a very out of place design and once you’ve put it in a case nothing about it will make it instantly recognizable as an apple product.

  • Tal Bensalmon

    the only problem is there is not options to keep it down for a 5 min or so ,( reachability ) as you work on the app , after few second it go up and its not comfortable to work with it ( for exsample calendar ) it going down and after every 5 second it go up it need to have the options to stay down as you wish and you will make it go up , i wish they will do something about it