Apple today released the iOS 11.1 developer beta for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While it doesn’t include the expected Apple Pay Cash, 3D Touch app switcher and Messages in iCloud features, you do get a few noteworthy perks in terms of the stock QuickType keyboard, updated system haptics on iPhones with Apple’s Taptic Engine, new animations and more.

The stock keyboard now gives you multiple emoji suggestions, which is really nice.

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If you type something in the Messages app and switch to the Emoji keyboard, you’ll now see multiple emoji suggestions. This is similar to the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro: you see the word that you wrote along with its suggestion and three emojis.

Other tidbits include new heart rate design for finished workouts in the Activity app that’s consistent with the Health app, some cool new animations when you scrub to the top of the page or tap a notification banner while in an app, and more.

iOS 11.1 will go through a few additional betas before releasing publicly.

Let us know what you guys think of these new features down in the comments section.

  • Mark

    Wonder if the Apple iPay is gonna show in the betas?

  • Chris Lo

    Am I the only one who is still expecting a Smart Invert that has not been implemented at all. We are all expecting a dark mode that Apple don’t seem to want to commit to. Frustrating.

    • Mark

      Smart invert already exist

      • BlackPantherK

        He ment a perfectly working one, not the half baked one at the moment.

      • Mark

        Well they have 2 different inverts, a classic and smart. Smart invert seems really good.

      • DJCodeBlue

        Yeah but it’s laggy. When I have smart invert on, animations start lagging.

      • czbird

        Except for being completely useless as it inverts all media

      • Chris Lo

        Exactly. Back in the day we had Eclipse and other JB tweaks that implemented dark mode so well. It wasn’t perfect but the current Smart Invert just doesn’t work for anything but the Photos app it seems. And it dims and dulls the Home Screen icons. Wtf. At least Eclipse you could whitelist and blacklist apps you wanted to apply dark mode to if you wanted. So simple. Why does Apple insist on everything white. White and bright.

    • BlackPantherK

      I feel ya, dark mode is just a must.

    • Can’t remember which app it was now, but an update popped up for it saying that Smart Invert now doesn’t invert images. So I’m guessing a lot of SI’s glitches are actually app related rather than iOS related.

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        Twitter man. Smart invert with their dark mode

    • Swanny246

      Yeah, it’s getting beyond frustrating how Apple is so stubborn with just giving users what they want. The removal of the 3D touch app switcher (and so far no sign it’s coming back in 11.1!), no proper dark mode, no improvement on how notifications are handled (still an incredible step back from iOS 10…)

      • Nick

        It might come back in later 11.1 betas. Craig himself said it’ll be coming back, and I trust that. As for dark mode, that’ll never come in a 11.x update. Maybe iOS 12?

      • Juschan

        It feels like iOS 11 is only perfekt for the iPhone X I don’t see no improvements at all for the older devices. It was the same with ´´Press home to unlock´´ … very useless on non Touch ID devices and even on touch id devices it made the most use out of the 7 and 7 plus without a physical homekey.

    • So Young

      Yeah… smart invert is realy mediocre at best at this time. Even in files app videos are still inverted. And I don’t know why they can’t bring it to safari when chrome have a plug in for years to do the exact thing on mac/Windows.

  • DMC0

    Apple is crazy about these emojis…

    • czbird

      Imagine all the 3d-mapped turds around after the X is launched…

      • igobythisname

        hell yeah, animojis ftw!

  • Daniel Moura

    any1 here with ios 11.1 beta have the bug when on call to someone and you try to enter to any other app. the app is cut in half?

  • DD™

    I’d like to see the option of removing the “Bubbles” when typing as an option. Maybe someday we will get a JB for iOS 11.x

  • ɱર.રενεɴĢε 

    I only noticed one thing, that’s how your battery dropped from 38% > 36% .. i hop they fix it

  • Дмитрий Ястребцев

    plees stop sending me notification on my Mac!!!!!!

    • Y2J: Keeper of the List

      turn it off?

    • Noob! Lol

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    as much as i loved jeff and do still miss him (i’m not going to 9to5 or wherever he’s at), andrew does a great job with videos and i really enjoy them

  • Steve Harold

    Should I upgrade or wait if I’m hoping for a JB?

  • Mallouk Malek

    what about the landscape keyboard missing the copy cut and paste with wired empty sides !!!

    is it evern going to be fixed?

  • willem

    Twitter man. Smart invert with their dark mode

  • Arjun

    So I was using iOS11.1 beta 1 and suddenly a black line appeared. I think it’s the iPhone X swipe up instead of the home button feature. Swiping up on it doesn’t do anything though! It doesn’t appear on the home screen or anything. Just on the keyboard and app switcher.

  • igobythisname

    thanks for the info+update!

  • k8l

    iOS 11.1 beta feels more snappy than iOS 11.0.1 on my iPhone 6. GBoard is still incredibly slow though.

  • M_Hawke

    What happened to the one-handed, Microsoft Word Flow-esque, compact keyboard for plus iPhones that I thought was coming? Is that in iOS 11?

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