Released yesterday, iOS 11.0.1 fixed a problem with the Mail app where, Office 365 and Exchange customers would see their messages rejected by the server.

As confirmed in official support documents posted yesterday by both Microsoft and Apple, updating to iOS 11.0.1 or later fixes this annoying problem.

iOS 11.0 users whose accounts are hosted by Microsoft on or Office 365 or an Exchange Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2016 were seeing an error message when trying to send an email, saying “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.”

If you were affected, let us know in the comments if updating to iOS 11.0.1 fixed it for you.

  • Josh Reed Jorgensen

    I’m still getting a problem with exchange. It gives me a code saying “connection to the server failed”. Help. Lol

    • Josh Reed Jorgensen

      Also I don’t have any of my contacts from exchange.

      • ElHajj Adam

        call apple

  • Chris Gaunt

    It’s not much of an issue but when I hard press the lock screen on a email and tap trash it asks me for my Touch ID and then disappears. In the past this would delete the email, but for now it doesn’t. It’s still in my inbox.

  • Daniel Moura

    iOS 11 is the most bug version ever. Jesus

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’m glad I didn’t make the plunge into iOS 11 on my 6S Plus. Still on 10.3.3 and it’s rock-solid. I can’t believe Apple still hasn’t fixed the issue with Notification Centre where each time I invoke it it defaults to Notifications view instead of my last used view like it used on iOS 10 and below. This was an issue in the iOS 10 betas but after reporting it a hundred and one times Apple finally fixed it, now this issue is back and I reported it one hundred and two times and still not fixed. I only ever use NC to get at my widgets, I don’t use NC for any other reason, can’t see why anyone would. My test iPhone 6 running iOS 11 is basically unusable, needs constant reboots even though there’s nothing on the phone.

  • JulianZH

    Still haven’t encounter any bug on my 7plus running ios11

  • Jeff Schultz

    Went straight to 11.0.1 and I’m not getting email notifications unless I refresh it manually.

    First apple phone (work phone) – I thought this stuff never happened with apple?

  • Cathy L. Taylor Miller

    Still having the issue. I downloaded 11.0.1 last night. Email will not send when using cellular data . . . will send when connected to wifi. Very frustrating.

  • Bo Netter

    still getting “Unable to verify SSL server” even with the 11.1 update…cant receive or send emails!!!
    Apple Sucks!

  • Jim Phalan

    Cant receive or send emails with 11.0.1!!!

  • JDH*RN

    iOS 11.0.1 DID NOT fix exchange email issues. Virtually cut me off from connection to work. Sounds good in theory but has been a real challenge. Get to work Apple. Fix it. 11.0.2???

  • Deb Dunlap

    Unable to edit photos on my iPad after upgrading to IOS 11 please fix ASAP thanks

  • Andrew Mulligan

    I am still unable to send emails on ios 11.0.1. This is extremely poor from Apple. How am i supposed to run a business whilst i’m on the road without mail.

  • The issue actually arrived for me on iOS 11.0.1, was working fine on iOS 11.0
    Damn it!

  • Brandon Bell

    iOS 11 iPhone 7, experiencing this also. Bypassing it by using the Outlook App

  • Daniele Velardi

    ios 11.0.2: mail don’t work with GMAIL IMAP server and exchange server…

  • S N

    Since iOS 11, Apple has disabled scheduled fetch and notifications for favorited folders and sub folders for non-push mail accounts in the native mail app of iOS.
    This fetch used to happen in iOS 10.3.3 without any problem.
    Apple is also saying this problem in iOS 11.x is not widespread and only a few users are troubled by it hence will not resolve.

  • I can send but not receive outlook mails with ios 11.0.1. Mails come to my iphone with updated ios. What to do?