Smartphones are endlessly impressive pieces of technology. Yet due to our obsession with increasingly thin phones, these remarkable gadgets aren’t terribly durable. And while cases and screen protectors can guard against cracks and scratches, a PHOOZY can protect against harsh temperatures by acting as a thermal capsule for your phone. And they’re currently on sale for just $29.99.

If you’ve ever taken your phone the beach, you’ve likely returned from a quick dip to find it overcome by heat. It doesn’t take an electrical engineer to surmise that melting circuitry is bad for your smartphone, and the PHOOZY will put your mind at ease regardless of whether you’re worried about your phone getting too hot or too cold. These nifty pouches reflect more than 90% of solar radiation and protect your device against temperatures as low as -20ºF.

Made from space-grade materials, this intelligent capsule also provides an extra layer of drop protection for your phone, and ensures that it floats safely if dropped in water.

Give your smartphone the temperature protection it deserves by picking up a PHOOZY for 14% off—just $29.99 for a limited time.

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