Cupertino’s latest 4K-enabled Apple TV model has popped up on, suggesting that a tvOS version of the retailer’s Prime Video streaming app could be just around the corner.

The listing for the 64 GB Apple TV 4K model surfaced recently on though the item was temporarily out of stock at the time of this writing. What’s important here is the fact that this is not some third-party offering, it’s actually Amazon selling the device.

Apple said recently the tvOS Prime Video app would drop later this year, with one rumor alleging it could hit as soon as this Thursday alongside NFL’s Thursday Night Football games.

Yesterday, Amazon slashed 4K content prices in the UK following the release of Apple TV 4K.

iTunes Store now offers 4K content at HD prices ($20 per movie purchase). Apple has even cut deals with Hollywood major allowing it to upgrade customers’ previously-purchased HD movies to 4K at no additional cost, a first in the streaming industry.

Thanks, Carlos!

  • M_Hawke

    I need to know why I should upgrade to the Apple TV 4K. I have an Apple TV third-generation, and combined with my Sony 4K TV, streaming in HD already yields as many skin pores and other fine details (grass blades, etc.) as I possibly would want. I love the brilliant colors and the blacks and darks and greys on my TV streaming HD through my Apple TV 3. So what is the compelling reason to get an Apple TV 4K?

    • GregoriusM

      HDR. If your Sony TV supports HDR, that will be the biggest improvement to your viewing experience over and above moving to 4K, providing you have appropriate 4K content to view.