Even though watchOS 4 supports all watch models, the original device (also called Apple Watch Series 0) featuring Apple’s S1 chip does not support any of the expanded heart rate analytics provided by the new software.

That’s according to The Verge editor Lauren Goode and other users on social media. Actually, this was first reported by our own Andrew O’Hara 24 hours ago, but not everyone got the memo. At any rate (no pun intended), it’s good that this topic has gotten some new attention.

On all other Apple Watch models with the exception of Series 0, watchOS 4 enables several new heart-related features, like a real-time heart rate complication, the Current/Resting measurements and averages from your workouts in the Heart app. Optional notifications when your heart rate starts racing after a ten-minute period of inactivity is supported on Series 0.

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watchOS 4, as mentioned, supports all models, even the original Apple Watch model from 2015.

Also dubbed by the media Apple Watch Series 0 for clarity, it was discontinued when Apple Watch Series 2 was introduced 2016. However, Apple has replaced the original watch model with the Series 1 device featuring exactly the same casing and hardware with the exception of an upgrade S1P chip.

Image courtesy of Lauren Goode

  • Hmm… That makes me wonder if Apple will kill the Series 0 when watchOS 5 comes out next year. But yep, this confirms that I needed to upgrade to the Series 3.

  • Steve Harold

    Really Apple? This can save lives.

    • nathan stout

      It’s may be something that is out of their control, possibly due to hardware limitations

  • ashutosh jha

    It is available all you need to go to mywatch tab on iPhone then go to notification then u will find heart rate and then u can see the notification to turn on abnormal heart detection

    • CuBoy531

      Yes, I concur with you. It is available. I have the original Apple Watch with S1 chip. I’m still happy with it.

  • :D

    Apple just replaced my series 0 with a series 1 🙂

    • Shawn

      why? was your screen broken?

      • :D

        Haptic engine failure. A year out of warranty yet no charge. It was a free upgrade 🙂