With iOS 11, Apple has inexplicably removed the popular app-switching gesture that was available on iPhones with 3D Touch. Fortunately, it’s just temporary because Apple’s reportedly confirmed bringing that tremendously useful feature back with a future iOS 11.x update.

Apple previously acknowledged that the app-switching gesture was intentionally removed from iOS 11, but now software head Craig Federighi, replying to an email from MacRumors reader Adam Zahn, has said they’ll be bringing it back in an upcoming iOS 11.x update.

Question from Adam Zahn:

Could we at least make the 3D Touch app switch gesture an option in iOS 11 so that I could retain the ability to switch apps that way instead of having to double tap the Home button?

Response from Craig Federighi:

Hi Adam,

We regretfully had to temporarily drop support for this gesture due to a technical constraint. We will be bringing it back in an upcoming iOS 11.x update.

Thanks (and sorry for the inconvenience)!

– Craig

MacRumors has verified that the email exchange has passed through mail servers with an IP address range linked to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

In case you’re not familiar with it, and have an iPhone 6s lying around somewhere running iOS 9 or iOS 10 , you can press firmly on the left side of the screen and drag right to the middle of the screen, then let go to get to your app switcher just like that.

The video embedded below shows the gesture in action.

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You can also press the left edge of the screen lightly then drag all the way to the right to switch between two apps, allowing you to quickly switch back to the last app in one swipe.

Has this news made your day or what?

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  • Lucas Guimaraes

    I would prefer that on the iPhone X. I feel like I’m gonna end up swiping home when I want to open the app switcher and vice versa.

    • mickey

      On the X you can switch apps by swiping left and right on the bottom without having to activate 3D Touch. As for the gestures, once you get used to it I doubt you’ll accidentally do the wrong thing. You have to intentionally pause to invoke the app switcher. Closing an app is a single fluid motion which makes sense, like flicking an app off the screen. If you’ve ever used zephyr/mtg/tage on a jailbroken phone it’s quite similar.

  • Yes!
    That was the only gripe I really had with iOS 11. Good to hear it’s coming back.

  • Love this! This definitely made my day.

  • Matt Mitchell

    I had no idea you could even do this LOL!

  • Shadowelite123

    I figured they wouldn’t just remove it without any cause. It just wasn’t working how they wanted it to.

  • Shadowelite123

    On a different note, anyone notice snapchat finally was able to block the screen recording with their latest update?

    • techfreak23

      Yeah they weren’t able to accommodate that during the beta period because it was an unreleased API. I figured they would account for it once iOS 11 went public.

      • Steve Harold

        Darn that wa show I was able to live without jailbreak. Now I gotta find alternative.

  • techfreak23

    YES. I wonder if they’re only going to bring it back to the non-X phones…

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    YESSS!!!! LOVE IT! I used that feature ALL THE TIME! Closest thing my 6S can come to the homebutton-less iPhone X.

  • malthalus

    Yes!That was the only gripe I really had with iOS 11. Good to hear it’s coming back.

    • Jo Jonas

      The only reason i got back from Ios 11 to ios 10 was this feature. glad that developer hear what we want

  • MeTaLiX

    I figured they wouldn’t just remove it without any cause. It just wasn’t working how they wanted it to.

  • Sleaka J

    Now bring back the pre-iOS 11 Control Centre Bluetooth and WiFi toggles.

  • Cones1r

    YES!!! I’m super stoked that they’re going to bring it back.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    To those of you who said that it didn’t matter, there you go. This was probably the only reason why I stuck around on iOS 10.3.3 on my 6S Plus.

    Another issue that annoys me on iOS 11 (which I’m using on my test iPhone 6) is the fact that Notification Centre doesn’t open to widget view as it used to (the only reason why I use NC at all is to have it open to widgets as a default). I submitted numerous bug reports about this and it has yet to be fixed.

    That aside, I’m just glad the 3D Touch App switching gesture is coming back.

  • Jamessmooth

    It seemed odd that, introducing a phone like X, they would scrap this feature. Glad to hear it’s coming back!

  • Diego Milano

    They better do, it was idiotic to remove it, and I can’t truly understand why they did it (nor I care). I use this shortcut a million times throughout the day. Hello, Apple! Oh, and yes, this DEFINITELY made my day! 😉

  • Mallouk Malek

    What about bringing back landscape keyboard shortcuts! Or is it only me seeing this (att image) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/52907ccee486a4919f08a5693ff488347eddd883b65a2f5043f8e91bd4418f76.png

  • Jo Jonas

    really glad to hear apple going to add it back to ios 11. i love ios 11 but the truth that i can’t do multitask with this feature, sorry not sorry but i have to switched back to ios 10 asap lol

  • Midav

    one month later and with 11.0.2 still no 3D touch app switching….