Apple has allegedly considered an Apple Watch-like Nightstand mode for iPhone X, according to a purported response to an email from MacRumors reader Zain.

“This is definitely something we’ve considered,” Apple’s software engineering head Craig Federighi apparently wrote in his email reply. “This probably makes the most sense for customers who charge their phone in a dock that tilts up the phone.”

He added that it’s “not currently super common” for people to charge their iPhones that way.

The publication has not accompanied the article with a screenshot of the email but claims to have obtained full email headers that can be traced back to Apple’s headquarters.

Nightstand mode is currently available on Apple Watch.

Twelve South’s luxurious Forté stand for Apple Watch is perfect for Nightstand mode

When your watch is charging and resting on its side, this feature turns it into a nightstand clock and an alarm clock. When in this mode and not being used, the watch’s display is off.

TUTORIAL: How to use Apple Watch Nightstand mode

To turn it on, simply tap the screen, press the Digital Crown or the Side button or lightly nudge the watch. Even nudging or tapping the nightstand or other surface the watch is sitting works, so motion also plays a role in waking it up (thanks, accelerometer sensor!).

Bringing Nightstand mode to iPhone X may not make much sense given the device cannot be positioned on its side. Even if Apple implemented the feature, you’d still have to purchase a wireless charging pad with an angled stand to use the phone in Nightstand mode.

Does that make sense to you?

  • those who use the steel bracelet will not be able to use the watch by charging it with airpower because it can not be stretched to charge it

    • I made the same mental note to myself. However, I am wondering if you will be able to charge it by having the watch lay on its side. Apple’s marketing materials show a watch laying flat, but that doesn’t mean it *has to be* laying flat. I guess we’ll find out next year.

  • Jay

    Well of course it isn’t common yet Craig. We don’t have the option to do it yet.. if the option where there I’m sure we’d do it more often than never.

  • Bacillus

    This function is implemented faster than ludicrously staring at an animoji for 20 minutes, Craig

  • Rowan09

    What exactly is airpower? I know they teased they are working on something special with Qi, but I’m interested in what they mean. I know Apple always gives names to things, but this seems like they may be hinting at something else.

  • nova12

    I don’t understand when he says that most people don’t charge their phones in a dock that tilts the phone upward. The Apple dock charges upright. Most docks charge upright.

  • Jamessmooth

    Translation: when we make a stand that will allow iPhone to wirelessly charge on its side, We’ll make a nightstand mode. Gotta get AirPower to market first.