Apple this morning released iOS 11 to the general public and some people are asking how to move from a Golden Master candidate release, which dropped a week ago, to the public release.

The good news is, you don’t have to do anything.

That’s because both the iOS 11 Golden Master and the public release have the same build number: 15A372. We looked at both builds in Apple’s Dev Center portal for developers and can confirm they come with exactly the same build number.

As a quick refreshed, a Golden Master (also referred to as a Gold Master or just GM) denotes a final version of software ready for release to manufacturing. In terms of iOS betas, an iOS Golden Master candidate in most cases has exactly the same build number as its final public release.

In other words, the iOS 11 GM build you have on your iPhone or iPad is exactly the same code that millions of customers get after they download the public release via the Software Update mechanism.

TUTORIAL: How to switch from iOS beta to official release

Again, if you’re Apple’s registered developer or just a regular user who has enrolled in the company’s Beta Software Program to test-drive iOS 11 betas, and have the iOS 11 GM installed on your device, you don’t need to do anything.

But if you’d like to receive any subsequent public updates to iOS 11, you must remove Apple’s configuration profile from your device.

1) Go to Settings → General → Profile and tap on the iOS Beta Software Profile.

2) Now tap on Delete Profile and enter your passcode to confirm the deletion.

Your device will reboot.

Because you’ve just deleted Apple’s profile signing certificate, your device shall no longer be eligible to receive beta updates from Apple. Any public iOS 11 updates released in the future shall pop up on your device through the Software Update mechanism like they normally would and you will no longer see beta releases.

If you’ve followed the instructions below, you can continue using the iOS 11 GM build knowing you’re using the same code as regular users. Apple’s next update to iOS 11 will appear on your device as an over-the-air download.

Make sense?

  • Fede777

    I did this, but my device never rebooted.

    What I’m wondering is, should iOS 11 (without the profile) take less space than the GM?

    • slamfest

      Mine did not reboot either after removing the Beta profile. After manually rebooting I see IOS 11 available.

      • Justin

        So you were able to switch over to the public release from the GM? I rebooted mine, but it still says “Your software is up to date.” (which it isn’t really). I know they said the build number is the same, but I can’t believe they’d release something so glitchy as the public release. There were still quite a few bugs in the GM.

  • Fanboy 

    I had iOS 11 GM installed, I went to Settings > General and the profile is no longer there.

    Anybody else?

    • pnh

      Mine is still there.

      • Fanboy 

        Oh wait, I forgot I installed GM through iTunes! I wonder if this means I still can get updates?

    • jalexcarter

      so what is your issue?

    • Luis Gochoco

      same here, I dont have the profile option in Settings to delete the Beta Software Profile

    • Luis Gochoco

      were you able to successfully install the official iOS 11 update?

      • Fanboy 

        The GM is the official one, same build. So no point in reinstalling it.

    • readesign

      Same here… Did the GM delete the profile automatically?

      • Fanboy 

        I installed mine through iTunes so it never installed the profile to begin with, only on my Watch.

  • burge

    There is a difference as you can not leave app store reviews on a pre relase version of iOS..

    • Alex Best

      I hate all the restrictions that APPLE doing now to the customers!!!
      I am really pisset off now!!

      • Steven Marshall

        Yeah, that is definitely worth getting pissed of over. MAJOR world problem. What is it all coming to.

      • Steven Marshall

        And Apple has LESS restrictions than at ANY point in their history. So, pissed over something that isn’t even true. Go be pissed at yourself.

      • Adriano Matos

        Oh poor thing you.

      • Alex Best



    • Wilber Alexander Flores

      That’s true so I guess my only choice is to wipe

    • iByron

      I can leave App Store reviews with no problem. My last update was the Public Beta GM.

      • burge

        Well you couldn’t with the DEV beta.

      • iByron

        You couldn’t with the Public Beta either. Not until the GM was released.

      • burge

        I couldn’t with the GM release, as I did try even after Apple launched iOS 11 it didn’t work.

  • Fede777

    What does System on iPhone storage reprsent? becasue a lot of friends are reporting from 1GB to 4GB while I have almost 6GB occupied by System

  • Very helpful. Thanks!

  • User

    I have version ios 11 GM and i deleted “iOS beta software profile “ and i dont look OTA update of ios 11 public release .. what to do?

  • Abo Ali

    I’m on ios 11gm but I don’t have ARKit app to be installed
    What should i do now ?

    • This is not an app for public, it’s for developers using xcode etc etc. AR stuff are integrated in regular apps and games you download from the App Store

  • Justin

    Oh great. So there’s no fix for the CarPlay issue on release?! CarPlay constantly crashes after about a minute. Like nav and music still play, but the display disappears.

    AirPods also have issues.

    • iByron

      I haven’t had any such issues with CarPlay since Public Beta 3. Have you reported this to Apple via Feedback?

  • Alex Laslau

    Okay guys I need your help, I installed the GM version on 14th of september as I hoped it will solve me the issue that I had in beta versions before like Beta 6 and 7 when my touchscreen didnt work at all. The problem persisted in the GM version also. I installed it and it seems like the touchscreen wont work just once every 5-6 hours. I am sure its a software problem as I returned back to ios 10.3.3 and this problem does not exist. Now I am back on 10.3.3 and as I can see there is no difference between GM and the public release. My question is if any of you guys have this problem. I have an iPhone 6s N71AP with Samsung CPU. I have a friend who downloaded the official release and has the same phone as me and it works perfectly. Do any of you guys had this problem? If yes how can it be solved? I will be forever grateful.


  • Duncan Hattingh

    Not working, did as the post suggested and now I can’t update to 11.01 … will have to do a re-load of the software

  • M_thoroughbred

    Did the same thing but I am able to rate apps in the AppStore. Idk why your aren’t able?

  • Att Natesawang

    Did the same thing and I restore my iPhone for forget beta version, but not yet, still Beta version