With new iPhones on the way, it is time to start the search for a protective case. Rounded up is a look at the updated X-Doria case line. X-Doria gave me an early look at their new device cases, which it labeled for iPhone 7s and iPhone 8. While the naming is a little off, it is safe to assume the dimensions are correct; however, I cannot personally verify this until my new iPhone is in hand.

The cases are all sturdy and offer six-sided protection, with drop ratings as well. For an affordable case option for your expensive new device, check out the new features.

X-Doria new iPhone lineup


The X-Doria Dash is a slim form factor, one piece construction case for iPhone X. It has a soft faux leather backing with a transparent upper half. It gives you some grip on the bottom, while your iPhone color shines through the top. The case has six-sided coverage, meaning a lip will cover the small iPhone X bezel front. The case is available for all new iPhone devices for $34.99.

Defense Clear

The X-Doria Defense Clear is a bit more rigid than the Dash. It has triple layer shock protection with a DropShield liner, which expenses to the sides, rear, and corners of the case to absorb shocks and drops. The MIL-STD-810G certification ensures they are not making false claims. It has six-sided protection to cover the iPhone screen. A TPU design it should easily mold around the new iPhone. Cutouts are offered for the Lightning port, speaker, mic, and mute switch, but the power and volume rocker is covered. Defense Clear is available for new iPhones at  $24.99.

Defense Lux

The Defense Lux X-Doria case comes with the rigidity of the Defense Clear, but with premium material backings, including: Black Carbon Fiber; Black Leather; or Ballistic Nylon. A machined aluminum exterior frame runs the surrounding case housing. The entire case is not machined aluminum, for the record, but I do feel like the solid piece of aluminum makes this case very much sturdier than the previously mentioned cases. Of the varied materials, I really like the Ballistic Nylon finish. I like it a lot actually. The inside of the case is polycarbonate to absorb a blow. The MIL-STD-810G standard proves commitment to protection for drops. The Defense Lux is available for all new iPhones starting at $34.99.

Defense Shield

X-Doria’s Defense Shield is the combination of technologies between the Lux and and Clear models. Shield has the same single aluminum strength rim from the Lux, seen above in red, and the transparent polycarbonate backing of the Clear version. The anodized aluminum rim comes in Rose Gold, Red, Black, or Iridescent. Compared to the Lux, it seems a little cheaper and I would spring the extra $5 for the better model. The Defense Shield is available for all new iPhones at $29.99 and offers the same military grade drop rating.

  • Boaz van Veen

    I love these cases, already seen them and compared them.

    What i love is that some of them have a speaker redirect to the front of the phone, making you really enjoy stereo sound. I also love the general looks and design.

    What i dont like, is that compared to their cases for iphone 7, they are now snap-on instead of a frame you click around the phone. I also do not like that the camera bump has quite some spare room in the case it seems, wich does not exactly look beautiful.
    I also dislike is that on the lux cases, the bottom is raised up a little bit, so you dont have a flush backside of the iphone. On the normal defense line, there seems to be a gap into the case, so it also does not sit flush with the back.
    Lastly i never liked cases that are 1mm above the screen to protect the screen. I understand why, but i rather have a glass screen protector then a weird feel on the front of the phone.

    • Anonymouse

      You’ve provided more of a review in one paragraph than all of the article. Never ceases to amaze me the lack of honest reviews we are bombarded with.