iOS 11 isn’t due for release until September 19th, but new app updates that take advantage of the platform’s new features have started to hit the App Store. So far, we’ve seen several updates that include Augmented Reality and Drag and Drop support.

Apple let developers know on September 12th, after their media event, that they can submit their app updates that take advantage of iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, and macOS High Sierra.

ARKit support is going to be a big new feature when iOS 11 drops, and we will most certainly see more and more apps taking advantage of it. Of course, some are more useful than others. Some are just fun little tricks to try out in the app.

So far, we’ve seen iOS 11 features adopted from big name apps like Drag and Drop support coming to Bear, an AR version of Carrot in Carrot Weather, and visualizing your glucose and activity data in One Drop.

PCCalc Lite added a fun interactive mode that is more of an AR tech demo than something inherently useful.  You can throw hundreds of PCCalc icons, globes, or bananas into your room. For those more interested in the technical side, you can add lighting, view the AR bounding boxes, adjust the physics, and view the wireframes.

Carrot Weather has been one of my favorite new additions to AR. You can view Carrot in 3D, swipe left and right to change the weather mode she displays, grab a picture of her to share to your friends, and more. If you poke her in her “Occular sensor” she will still yell at you to stop, and if you get too close looking at her, she reminds you to respect her personal space. Definitely a fun addition to an already great weather app.

Here are a few of the apps we’ve discovered so far to add iOS 11 support, and we will add a few more as they get released, leading up to iOS 11.


Let us know if you discover any notable additions, down below in the comments.

  • Jerry Verbaan

    I have here the measurekit

    • Codvisp

      But it’s a battery hog. Also have it and see the battery percentage drop like crazy. From 100% to 20% in 15 min

      • Jerry Verbaan

        Yeah you are right, but it is still in beta I hope they can fix this problem.

    • Smeltn

      is it out yet? I would love to try out measurekit!

      • Jerry Verbaan

        Nope, but you can get it free from there website. You are installing it with testflight.

  • Smeltn


  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    As silly as it sounds I’m waiting for that IKEA app. And also does anyone have any idea what that Dinosaur app was that Apple keeps using???? I need that in my life!

  • So Young

    I hope many apps will support the smart invert colours feature especialy media apps like youtube, netflix, infuse or facebook.

  • Philipp Stiller

    The bonus AR calculater mode only available at PCalclite if you purchased or donated something.

  • dirk

    Stack AR released.. first game in AR for free.. nice!