Apple didn’t discuss its wireless earbuds at Tuesday’s event beyond announcing an AirPods wireless charging case that, however, was not on display for the press.

According to MacPrime on Thursday (Google Translate), the updated case with support for wireless charging compatible with the Qi standard will be available in December, priced at $69, or the same amount Apple currently charges to replace a lost wired case.

The publication claims to have received this information direct from Apple Switzerland.

The wireless charging case looks like the wired one, with the exception of the LED charging indicator which has moved from the inside of the lid to the outside of the case to make it easier to glimpse charging status without having to open the case.

It’ll work with AirPower, Apple’s upcoming charging mat that supports simultaneous charging of the latest iPhone models, Apple Watch Series 3 and the new AirPods case.

AirPower is scheduled to arrive in 2018.

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Because Apple has adopted the ubiquitous Qi wireless charging standard, the new charging case will also work with a wide range of Qi chargers from third-parties like Mophie and Belkin.

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You’ll be able to charge it using Qi-compatible charging maps, too, that are increasingly popping up at airports, in restaurants and other public venues. For those wondering, the AirPods wireless charging case still features a built-in Lightning port for wired charging via a Lightning to USB cable.

  • Urname

    Charging your AirPods wirelessly at the airport is asking for them to be stolen or forgotten. Same with the iPhones really, but AirPods more so.

    • John

      Charging wirelessly doesn’t mean you leave them unattended. It’s the same etiquette as wired charging; you wouldn’t just walk away.

      • Urname


        Forgetting something doesn’t mean you intended to just leave it there.

    • pnh

      Because using a lightning cable makes your iPhone theft-proof.

      • Urname

        It makes it harder to make a very quick clean getaway, yes. Especially with the AirPods.

      • pnh

        You must be the person who makes the signs that say “Gun Free Zone” and thinks they make you safe.

      • Urname

        Not sure how that’s relevant.

      • obezcinnet

        it’s probably as relevant as the tendency to forget belongings behind at airports.
        not sure how that’s relevant to the apple products that comes with wireless charging.

  • Zack Morris

    Will case be sold separately? Wonder if I could use my current pods with it.

    • Nawnp MCPE

      I think this is what the article implies, this is the case by itself price, and the AirPods themselves aren’t changing, its just a new case(so yes your’s will work).

  • Jamessmooth

    I wonder if the AirPods will come with this case in December? Hard to justify buying new AirPods AND shelling out $69 for a case, but I imagine folks who already own them will be happy to buy it.

    • Nawnp MCPE

      They most likely will just shift over the current air Pods to that case, they are the same price anyways(for the cases). Still $160, but one extra feature.

    • Stephen Hagans

      exactly my thought.. why not bundle them. Especially if they’re the same price as a replacement non-charging case.

  • Jerry

    If they sound good I’m getting them and giving my son my current ones just like I’ll be doing with my Apple Watch.

  • TJ

    What December of 2018 like the last AirPods that were coming on October 2016?