One place iPhone has seriously lagged behind Android is wireless charging, which Google’s ecosystem has supported for years. It took until now for Apple’s smartphone to receive wireless charging and the same can be said for a fast charge feature.

This cool technology will let you charge your new iPhone from 0-50 percent in 30 minutes because Apple is now using the USB Power Delivery specification to provide fast charging on the new phones.

Fast charge is supported in not only the flagship iPhone X, but the iPhone 8 series as well. In fact, it’s available across both the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the updated 12.9-inch model released earlier this year.

Apple’s promotional materials confirm that, if starting from a fully depleted battery, you can gain 50 percent in half an hour, which is really cool if you’re in hurry. Given how long an iPhone battery typically lasts, you are gaining hours of functionality with just a very short charge.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the included USB-A cable or power brick to achieve this.

This exclusion is patently Apple—they don’t include a wireless charger either. Apple’s standard charger included in the box with iPhone X or iPhone 8 still supports just 1A though they will happily sell you a stronger one that can charge at 2.1A.

To fast charge your iPhone X or iPhone 8, you will need Apple’s own Lightning to USB-C cable (because, currently, only Apple makes these) and also a USB-C Power Delivery-compatible wall brick (Apple has a few of them for their line of MacBooks that use USB-C).

The cost for this really starts to add up when you look at it. Apple’s cable is $25. Then, Apple’s cheapest USB-C charger currently sold on the online store is $49 for a 29W variant.

From what we’ve heard, you need a ~18W USB-C charger to use fast charge.

This is something we’ll have to look at when the new iPhones arrive to find out for sure. Luckily, a variety of vendors create great USB-C chargers, like Anker, for much less than Apple.

If you do go with Apple’s option, you are looking at $74 just to charge your phone faster. Maybe we will get lucky and the company will eventually start to allow others to create MFi-approved Lightning to USB-C cables, and drive prices down.

Lastly, while you can charge any iPhone model a little faster via a stronger third-party charger or iPad brick, this doesn’t compare to the new fast charge feature in iPhone X and iPhone 8.


  • Charlie

    Well, if it saves you time I think it’s worth the money

    • 9to5Slavery


      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I understand your username… you’re poor, but you buy $1000 phones. So, you must work paycheck to paycheck 9to5Slavery 😉

    • Mikasa Ackerman

      Not exactly… there’s a diminishing return. The incremental time it saves you from the iPhone 7 is almost none. Faster processor won’t save you any time as the iPhone 7 was so mature and the app animations will still animate. No time will be saved. Any time it does save, will not recover the cost to purchase the phone. Therefore it’s a diminishing return to purchase the device.

  • AngryDingo

    Sounds like Apple.

    I’m surprised they didn’t make their own wireless charging standard and force iPhone buyers to purchase Apple wireless chargers.

    • burge

      That wouldn’t work as some cars already have wireless charging built in them, Apple would be stupid to not allow customers or potential customers to use the cars already built in charger which already is QI approved.

      • AngryDingo

        Like Apple wouldn’t ignore an established standard to force customers to buy their standard for their hardware. They’ve never done that before.

      • Diego Milano

        I believe the point here is they also are being accommodating so that people can already make use of the technology in places where existing chargers are already deployed (i.e., Qi standard), preventing places from having to invest more money in it.
        Even then, I’m disappointed this is as good as they managed to go, they aren’t doing anything different from the competition, as far as I’m aware.

      • burge

        But they haven’t have they in this case. As even Apple are aware you can not change a pre-installed wireless car charger. So why make a new way to charge a device when the tech is already being deployed in current cars.

      • AngryDingo

        Well, yeah, they didn’t do it in this case. Just because there is a current standard doesn’t mean Apple wouldn’t release their own proprietary way of doing things. Companies do it all the time.

      • burge

        But we’re talking about this not anything else.

      • AngryDingo

        Well, I’m trying to.

      • burge

        Then why are you comparing it to something that Apple haven’t done this time.

      • I don’t think Apple makes up their own standards nearly as much as you seem to think they do. Almost every time they release their own “standard” it’s usually because there isn’t a viable existing one already.

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    Rip me I only have 12W plug

  • 9to5Slavery

    I have the wall brick and the cable. I had to because of the iPad Pro

  • Diego Milano

    $75 sounds brutal, but if the solution is scalable to future devices and the quality of the product is good enough it would last years, it’s a good investment but still an investment one has to go through instead of getting it out of the box. Apple.

  • Saulo Benigno

    What’s an “iPad brick”?

    • jalexcarter

      a wall charger that is made for iPad’s and deliver more amps watts whatever to charge the device faster cause iPads use more power to charge than iPhones

  • JulianZH

    I can’t even use more than 45% of my 7plus each day.. I’m all set on this

    • Blacklight: Retribution


  • Blip dude

    “One place iPhone has seriously lagged behind Android is wireless charging”

    Oh for F**** sake can we just call a spade a spade and call this out for what it really is: Conductive Charging. It’s not wireless charging if my phone is still tethered to a puck.

    “This cool technology will let you charge your new iPhone from 0-50 percent in 30 minutes.”

    That’s considered fast charging?? I can already charge my phone from 0%-50% in about the same amount of time!! LMAO!!!

    Here’s an alternative, if you have an iPad charging brick, use it to charge your iPhone, but enable low battery mode first (I’ll admit, that’s the critical point here), and watch your phone go from 20% to 80% in about 15-20 min. After 80%, unplug phone, re-enable low battery mode again, and continue to charge. No need to spend almost $75 plus for the exact same thing.

    I do have to admit though, for whatever reason, even after enabling Low Battery Mode after 80%, the charging becomes a lot slower.

    • TheAvatarNice

      That’s how it always works with charging a lithium ion battery. When the state of charge is low, charging is a lot faster but the charge speed is slower the higher the battery’s state of charge is. It’s like pouring water in a glas. At the beginning you can fill up fast, but you have to slow down when the glas is almost filled up so that the water doesn’t spill over.

      • Blip dude

        Oh I’m aware of that and it makes total sense for the battery to take 30-45 min to go from 80% to 100%, then it would going from 0%-80%, but what I don’t understand is why websites like this promote an $75+ alternative that is completely unnecessary if A) one already owns an iPad and can simply use an iPad charging brick to “quick charge” or B) spend $30 (plus tax) at the most to purchase an iPad charging brick, and simply get the same results??

        Seriously, unless one owns an iPad Pro 12.9″ and actually wants faster charging, or has a mac with only USB-C ports, then this $75 option is pretty much pointless.

    • Rick Hart

      Works the same on my iPhone 6. Been doing this ever since I got it

      • Blip dude

        Exactly, I did first notice this with the iPhone 6 Plus. I would have assumed that by quick charge, they meant, 0%-50% in like 12-15min, but $75 for 30 min to go from 0%-30% in 30 min?? No thanks.

    • Galaxy Life

      You’re in total denial. No iPhone charges to 50% in 30 minutes. You’re also in denial about wireless charging, the mat will have a wire but if long range charging was available, that too would be wired unless you planned on having a giant battery as your power source.

      I think, rather than being salty that a $1000 phone will come with the slowest possible wireless charging and requiring you to spend even more money to get it work maybe you should just skip the X and keep what you have.

      Why bother with it? You still get the most recent version of iOS and supposedly your CPU is super speedy fast.

      • Blip dude

        In total denial?? Have you actually tried it yourself???

        And what the hell does the iPhone X have to do with ANY of this?? I don’t want or need both an iPhone X or “Wireless” charging, period. Some of us, believe it or not don’t actually care about any of that.

        Also, I said that it happens in low battery mode, that’s a critical point there, if low battery mode is off, then yes, it’s going to take WAY more than 30 min to charge up to 50%.

        Lastly, unless you wanna use a phone with serious fingerprint, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity issue, please don’t speak like you know what my personal experiences are in terms of my current device.

        Lastly, long range charging versus having your phone constantly on a puck is a big difference, which I’m pretty sure you’re in denial of. Long range charging, means that I still get to pick up my phone WHILE it stays charging. That is what I’m waiting for, from ANY manufacturer that actually successfully implement it, but for now please spare me this BS hype on what is CONDUCTIVE charging and not WiFi or Wireless charging.

        And that last sentence, really? Starting an iPhone vs. Android debate?? LMAO!! If so, how cute!! Like I really f****** care about CPUs, OLED and 4K screens on a f****** 5-inch cell phone.

      • Galaxy Life

        Dude relax, no need to get tweaked–have a latte a chill.

        We’re just chatting about phones, it’s not that serious.

  • nrubin29

    I have a Lightning to USB-C cable I purchased off of Amazon. Is it not MFI certified, and would it still work for fast charging?

    • BlackPantherK

      No, the MFI certification is crucial (that’s what I’ve picked up).

  • Stefano Polo

    I’ve read elsewhere that the wireless charging isn’t even utilizing the highest spec there currently is out there for wifi charging. Apparently it’s only using 7.5w of the current highest rated spec of 15w….why???

    • Galaxy Life

      That’s so that next year’s iPhone will have that feature giving you a reason to “upgrade”

  • Nick Greenway

    If you plug it in to your 87W power adapter is the adapter smart enough to deliver the appropriate amount of power? Or will it fry?

  • Jerry

    What about the QC 3.0 charger with a USB c cord will that do any difference?