While the new iPhone 8/Plus will start at $699/$799, resulting in a price bump of $50 for those who want the latest thing, Apple’s most affordable handset can now be had for $50 less.

This is what the price-adjusted iPhone SE lineup looks like:

When it debuted in March 2016 as a budget option, Apple originally offered iPhone SE at $399 for the entry-level 16GB model and $499 for the higher-capacity 64GB version.

The 64GB iPhone SE was slashed to $449 following the September 2016 iPhone 7 launch.

In March 2017, Apple again reshuffled the lineup by offering twice the storage on the low-end model with no price hike while bringing the top-tier back to $499 while doubling its storage.

This has resulted in the 32GB/128GB offerings at $399/$499.

Now that the company has quietly cut the price of the two iPhone SE models by $50, people in the market for a four-inch phone can now purchase iPhone SE its lowest price ever.

Like before, the device continues to be available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    They raised the price of the iPad pros by $50 though…

  • 9to5Slavery

    Id love an iPhone SE.

    Would iPhone Third Edition called
    iPhone TE? For iPhone 6 chassis ?

    Given the iPhone 8 and X is heavier than the iPhone 7, which is heavier than iPhone 6, which is heavier than 5S/5/SE

    • Viktor_Zweig

      It will be called iPhone SE-X

  • David Pomerleau

    Waiting for SE refresh. Think they’ll do that? At least add 3D touch. I actually missed that when I tried to switch to one early this year. Ideal would be iPhone 6/7/8 size phone w no bezels. I’m afraid the X’s slightly bigger size and weight will irk me but will probably be worth it.

  • Mike

    If you have an iphone 5s tell your carrier that your phone keeps messing up and you took it to the apple store but they told you that you need to replace it. Then call your carrier asking to get it replacement and they won’t have an iphone 5s in stock since its old so they will give you a iphone se for like $30. Did it at Tmobile when my moms phone messed up.

    • Galaxy_Surfer_007

      Sounds real honest! NOT!

      • Bill

        Too many people these days think they are entitled to someone else’s stuff or the fruits of someone else’s labor.

      • R3VVEDUP

        I do that stuff all the time. All the company has to do is say no…maybe you should cry to them.

      • Mike

        Well the iphone was messed up and Tmobile told me they would give it to me for $30 so it’s not my problem

      • Mike

        You are saying I am lying without even you trying it… If you have T-mobile call them and try it

  • David Ruiz

    I just sold my iPhone 6S few weeks ago (I made an upgrade two months ago from an iPhone 5S) to buy the 128GB SE and I cant be more happy, big screens aren’t made for me I think. The SE is a powerhouse!