Apple briefly talked about a new version of AirPods at its presentation today at the Steve Jobs Theater, mentioning that an improved set of earbuds come with a case that supports wireless charging via industry-standard Qi wireless charger.

In fact, Apple is prepping its own wireless charging pad, due for release in 2018, that supports multiple devices. You will simply rest your iPhone X, the new Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods on the accessory and all of them will be charged wirelessly, and simultaneously.

The company did not say whether the new AirPods come with an improved Apple W2 wireless chip, but that’s pretty much a given considering that the new Apple TV 4K has it.

We’ll have more on the upcoming AirPods revision so stay tuned to iDownloadBlog throughout the day for continual coverage of everything Apple announced today.

  • lemonhead

    Can’t wait to have the new spell AirPower

  • blist

    maybe you guys know when the new mac os high sierra is comming out?

    • yafim

      September 25

  • Patrick

    I recall them saying the wireless charging case for the AirPods was “optional” making me think it may cost more.

  • ndcart

    New ones need to come in a space gray option too.


    can you buy just the case?

    • Sean

      Good question

    • Steven S.

      I hope so!

  • Jordan Smith

    It was a very brief mention, but all they hinted about was the “New Wireless Charging Case” & nothing about new AirPods. This does make me think you can either buy it separate or just get it when you buy a pair of AirPods as an option.

  • Woz A Nater

    Sorry but you look like a big dork wearing these earbuds

    • studivan .

      Listen to them, use them for awhile, discover the advanced technology in them and be amazed and then put on your own headphones buy a mirror and then see what you look like, you look the same as he does, he just has better technology and no wires.

    • Kevin

      Truthfully, the only dork is the person who judges someone for wearing – essentially – EarPods minus the wires.

      The same losers who judged people for having large phones, look at the industry now. It’s the norm. Find something better to be critical about lol.

  • Thomas

    I’m almost certain that they are not making new AirPods, merely selling an accessory to complement the current model. I expect you will be able to purchase the current AirPods with the new Qi case, but they are not revamping the actual headphones, merely adding a new case for your current ones.

  • Jon20

    So did they say when this version of the AirPods are available?