The irresponsibly leaked iOS 11 Gold Master build is a gift that keeps on giving, but tvOS 11 has its own secrets as well, with latest discoveries pointing to a refreshed Siri Remote in tow for a fifth-generation Apple TV model to be called “Apple TV 4K”.

As a bonus, the updated remote could feature haptic feedback (with 3D Touch support?).

As per code leaks shared by 9to5Mac, there’s evidence in the tvOS 11 firmware that the Siri Remote model number has jumped from “B239” to “B429”, indicating an imminent refresh.

Furthermore, Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has found references to “actuator calibration” and “force calibration” in the firmware that could indicate haptic feedback coming to the next-generation Siri Remote, perhaps by way of a miniaturized Taptic Engine.

The new remote hardware identifier was discovered in the Siri Remote firmware itself, which is separate from the current Siri Remote. 9to5Mac clarifies that a change in model number does not necessarily mean that new hardware is on its way.

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Nevertheless, conventional wisdom teaches us that an updated Siri Remote should be bundled with the new Apple TV 4K. As iDownloadBlog first reported last week, the existing Siri Remote is on a serious backorder, with 1-2 week shipping delay in most countries.

I wasn’t a big fan of Apple TV until a fourth-generation model came along, which won me over with its hardware improvements and App Store. I couldn’t be more excited for Apple TV 4K although I’m not sure my wallet will withstand purchasing a 4K television set to go with it.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s refreshed box?

  • malhal

    Adding haptics is fine as long as it helps you tell which way up it is 😉

  • Sailor_V90

    I wonder if they will implement a function that will still allow users to use Apple TV 4K with a 1080P TV? Not everyone has switched to a 4K platform yet let alone Blu-ray…

    • Evan

      Yeah it will work on a 1080p tv. All the 4k streamers do. You just won’t be able to take advantage of the 4k content from Netflix or Amazon or wherever. I’m wondering if we will get an updated app for 4k Youtube!

      • Sailor_V90

        That makes sense.

  • nova12

    I absolutely hate the Apple TV 4 remote. there’s gotta be a better way. I can’t scrub accurately at all (maybe that’s me and not the remote), and it’s way too sensitive. I can’t touch it without the scrubber and menus and stuff popping up and dropping down from everywhere.

    As for which way is up, I got a case for mine which solved that problem. In my home office I use the sideclick (so I can turn on tv and sound bar with one remote) and on my other ATV 4’s, I have a latex/silicone joint from amazon that works well.