A leaked iOS 11 Golden Master candidate has revealed how you will set up Face ID, Apple’s new authentication feature that is widely rumored to supplant the Touch ID system on iPhone X.

And now, Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has tweeted out a few videos potentially revealing how the initial setup process of Face ID might work.

For starters, iPhone X will replace the existing Touch ID & Passcode section within the Settings app with a new Face ID & Passcode section that will offer various options to enroll a face.

Looks like Face ID will support Safari Autofill (Touch ID doesn’t do that). By the way, disregard the layout issues (due to iPhone X being taller) and some lore ipsum. “I’m running this on an iPhone 7 Plus and using some tricks to convince iOS it’s running on D22,” he says.

In other words, this is actual D22 (code-name for iPhone X) software running on an iPhone 7 Plus, not an animation grabbed from Xcode or something running in iOS Simulator.

For those wondering, Guilherme attributes the lack of Apple Pay in the Face ID preferences to the fact that Apple Pay is unavailable in Brazil (he’s using a Brazilian Apple ID).

And this is approximately how authenticating with Face ID looks like.

He warns that the timing of the animation is incorrect because it’s just the UI.

“I’m not sure there will be a camera preview while authenticating with Face ID. But the glyph animation is exactly that one,” he wrote in a separate tweet. “I don’t think this will be shown every time you unlock the phone,” he added.

If he’s correct, the glyph might be used just for the setup.

Other tidbits related to Face ID:

  • Like Touch ID, you will need to create a passcode for when Face ID is unavailable.
  • During setup, only one face should be in view. iOS will be able to tell if your face is obstructed or if it is out of view.
  • You will have to hold your iPhone between 10 and 20 inches away from your face.
  • You will have to position your face within a frame displayed on the screen.
  • To recognize all the features in your face, you will be asked to gently move your head in circle while looking at the screen.
  • To complete full Face ID set up, you will have to go through two full scans.


Authenticating with Face ID should be about two times faster than Touch ID.

So, what do you guys think?

Mockup top of post via UI/UX designer Maksim Petriv

  • czbird

    Thinking of n easy way how to unlock the phone when docked in a windshield mount :-/

    • therealjjohnson

      the passcode…

      • czbird

        Not that convenient, but it’s the way to be, it seems.
        What an improvement for a $999 phone…

    • Jay

      When docked on a windshield mount your face isn’t visible to the device?

    • :D

      It supposedly works from an angle too so it should still work fine

  • Gus Me

    Really disliking this FaceID nonsense, TouchID was/is better IMO. Not looking forward to this at all

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      I agree. I also dislike how all the status bar icon all move to the right, reminds me of every Android phone how every icon is crammed to one side of the status bar. Not elegant at all. Also the authentication process and the screen presentation, reminds me of a jailbreak tweak. Touch ID is by far the best and most elegant solution in my opinion.

      • Fanboy 

        That’s what you say now, until it comes out and everyone loves it more than TouchID.

      • nonchalont

        Lol exactly. Hopefully Apple will make it easy and streamline. It would make sense for it to be better than touch ID. Tech is suppose to move forward, not backwards. I’m sure Apple’s engineers calculated everything to make it better than Touch ID ….hopefully Apple did, or else I’ll have to agree with Gus.

        Reminds me of the iPad days. How everyone cringed at the name, and here we are years later …household name that doesn’t sound cringy anymore lol.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I say this now and will always say it, ToucID was/is the perfect solution. FaceID not so subtle. What if someone got a slight facial cosmetic alteration? Or if someone is wearing a mask? Or if the room is pitch black dark? TouchID has never failed me, sure every 1/50 TouchID would fail to read my thumb print but that’s because my hands are wet, otherwise, TouchID is the best technology Apple has ever embedded in a device.

      • Fanboy 

        FaceID learns and adapts to your face. Works with hats, glasses, facial hair, makeup, etc. If you had a drastic face alteration then you would just delete the “old face” and reprogram your new one? You must have not watched the keynote, explains that the sensors work at night (it doesn’t work like a camera that requires light to see, it uses infrared light). Guess what, this will work if your fingers or face are wet so no need to worry about that 🙂

  • Daniel Huang

    I love being able to reach into my pocket and use my thumb to unlock my phone before I even pull it out.
    I will also miss the ability to easily unlock my phone when docked to my car mount. It is incredibly hard (and illegal if driving in some countries) to enter in a six+ digit pin (worse if you use letters) when the iPhone orientation is horizontal but the PIN number screen is locked to vertical.
    It will also be annoying to try to discretely unlock your phone in a meeting, cinema, performance or such to have a quick and discrete peak at sports scores or messages. I have a complex iPhone password because of my work enterprise security requirements and this is a large turnoff for me.

    • Jay

      Yea but were talking about saving milliseconds of time here not much of anything.. i just hope it doesn’t unlock as soon as I look at it. Sometimes i just want to look at the lock screen..

      • Daniel Huang

        I really don’t think the time to raise my phone to my face is going to beat pressing my finger on a button. Whatever the case, I really hope that TouchID is going to stay in some way.

  • :D

    Will FaceID be disabled when you’re eyes are closed? I’d hate for people to just scan my face and gain access to my phone when I’m asleep.

    • Jay

      Using your finger while your sleeping is much easier, but I do think eyes need to be open for this..

  • javierE186

    I wonder what happens if you use glasses like me? Yes I know your face doesn’t change drastically but it is a change. I guess I could just had my face with and without the glasses.