A myriad of iPhone 8 details were uncovered by 9to5Mac in the leaked iOS 11 GM that also revealed the new LTE Apple Watch Series 3, an updated version of AirPods, and a beautiful set of new wallpapers.

First the upcoming display. It appears to be a 1125×2436 OLED screen, that includes True Tone for the first time on the iPhone. True Tone started on the iPad and automatically adjusts the temperature of the display based on the ambient lightning in your environment. It seems like a really small detail, but it has been one of my favorite features of the iPad. It makes it much more readable. The screen also will replace the Home button by a rounded bar at the bottom allowing you to easily invoke the dock, or access the Home screen.

While we still don’t know the resolution of the new cameras, we do know that there are several new shooting modes. They include:

  • 1080p at 240 fps
  • 4K at 24 fps (film style)
  • 4K at 60 fps

Obviously all these shooting modes can take advantage of HEVC in iOS 11 which can compress video about twice as much as h.264, the current video codec. Portrait mode also looks to gain some additional features for the flash. Each of the different modes looks to create a different style of shot. The new portrait shooting modes includes Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light.

The 3D facial recognition feature meant to replace Touch ID looks to have its marketing name as well. We’ve heard that the internal name was Pearl ID, but Apple appears to be referring to it as Face ID as its official name. That makes sense as the evolutionary successor of Touch ID.

Since the Home button has gone the way of the cuckoo, Apple has assigned some new features to the newly-renamed “side button” (previously lock button). You can hold the side button to invoke Siri, double tap to access Apple Pay/Wallet, and start SOS by pressing it and the power switch.

New animated characters have also been uncovered, likely to show up inside of iMessage to send to friends.

To see what else we expect come Tuesday, check out our video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest. Let us know down in the comments what you think so far of the iPhone 8, and if what’s been uncovered makes you more or less excited for Tuesday.

Other details revealed by the iOS 11 GM:

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Jose Rivera

    Don’t forget the new wallpapers added! They seemed to be using the old rainbow Apple as a stripe on some backgrounds…

    • [RECON1]

      Yeah i kinda like them. Also just a plain black wallpaper

  • James Coulee

    Isn’t the “side button” the power switch?

    • Andrew O’Hara

      It used to be called the lock button. But they’ve renamed it for the iPhone 8 because it will take on additional roles that used to go to the Home button.

  • What is GM

    • CuBoy531

      Gold Master

  • abraham89

    what exactly is this “D22” supposed to mean ??

    • Andrew O’Hara

      That is the internal name for the new iPhone.

  • odedo1

    Some of those wallpapers seem to have sexual nature in them ( look carefully )
    About the face recognition, it’s my biggest disappointment, I had it before on a jailbroken iPhone 4S and it sucked, first you have to be facing the phone to unlock which with the fingerprint you unlocked while picking it up, second if the phone is stolen all the thief have to do is point the phone at you to unlock ( perhaps pretending to be taking his own selfie but actually pointing it at its owner ) something that couldn’t be done with a fingerprint sensor and knowing Apple, even if they make a bad move just like they have done with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and just like they have done with the new Mac Book Pro ( which I name Dangle Pro ) taking all the good stuff away that even the logo don’t light up, they will never admit making mistakes and fixing them so I’ll be really really surprised if the fingerprint sensor will ever come back even if they figure up how to do it on the screen, the best we can hope for next year is both face recognition and fingerprint sensor so we can choose but I really doubt it, I’m actually thinking on staying with my iPhone 7, I’ve been disappointed enough this year but on the other hand they did an excellent job with the new iPad Pro 512 GB WiFi/Cell which I just got, the stupid Touch strip on the MBP suck, nice to play with for a few days but you keep needing to take your eyes off the screen which should have been a touch screen with the strip right on it ( at least finally Apple have admitted that they made a mistake on that part after a million different excuses like ” we did a research and the customers don’t want a touch screen ” well we do and the fact is that most companies do give touch screens now, you buy an iPhone and you can’t plug it in to your new Mac Book because it don’t have a USB connection ( no iTunes without a dangle) , or in Apple own words ” someone needs to be brave enough to get reed off the headphone plug ” So why have they kept it on the new Mac Book Pro which came out way after the iPhone 7.
    It was the biggest messed up year that Apple have ever had, instead of one company it was like many with no communication between to make everything work together, I can keep going but I get mad so I better not all I can say I beware Apple the competition is catching up if they haven’t done so already.

    • Andrew O’Hara

      What you may have had on a jailbroken 4S will in no way be similar to what Apple releases. Apple will 3D scan your face instead of just looking at it. The new Galaxy phones have facial recognition, but it can be fooled by a Facebook photo. This can’t be fooled so easily. The point is anytime you look at your phone, it will be unlocked. A lot faster and more useful than Touch ID. To prevent thieves, they have features like SOS. Just squeeze the two side buttons together and it locks the phone, requiring a password to unlock.

      • odedo1

        True the face recognition on my 4S was nothing comparing to this but how can it ha faster then touch I’D which you already activate while picking up the phone?

        And the lock that you are talking about will need to be done before the phone was pickpocket or stolen from a purse so that’s out!

        Their is a saying why fix something that ain’t broken and fingerprint was working perfectly now we will need to face the camera to unlock and you say faster, I say no way.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        LoL you have got to be kidding. It’s been 7 years since the 4S. The technolog used to recognize your face will actually serve it’s purpose. It won’t be just a dumb tweak that someone did that kinda recognized your face.

      • odedo1

        I agreed but there is no way that face recognition is faster then finger print sensor which I already activate as I pick up my phone, I don’t have to wait for the phone to be facing me, I’m not saying that the face recognition is not working perfectly I’ve tried it myself ( don’t ask ) and it works perfectly but I’ve already pointed out the security problems and we can both agree that Apple preferred On Screen Fingerprint I’D but they couldn’t get it to work so they went with the second choice, I have read that even Samsung have been trying to get finger print I’D under the screen to work for 2 years and can’t get it to work, I do believe that if Apple had more time they would have solved it but they ran out of time, in fact only a couple of days ago another problem was discovered which will they say push the release to another 5 weeks.

        Because of Apples pride they approached the design and assembly way to late trusting their engineers way to much and now we see the results, we are getting a much smaller part of what the pro was first designed to be ( again I know but don’t ask ), there was much much more planed on the first draft!!!

      • Andrew O’Hara

        I disagree. Face ID will be faster because if you look at your phone, it will be unlocked. Thats it. You don’t have to pick it up, or do anything. Simply looking at it is enough. That is a big step up from Touch ID. Im sure Apple has put some thought into the security considerations, and we will what those are come Tuesday.

      • odedo1

        Ok, what about the law? today the police need to get a warrant to force you to unlock your phone, now they will just point it at you and it’s unlocked!

        And what you are saying that the phone will unlock before I’ll have the chance to check my Notifications?

        And one thing we all can agree is that Apple wanted to stay with the fingerprint but couldn’t get it to work so they where forced to come here to buy our laser 3D face recognition which much raised the iPhone X price to you customers.

      • Andrew O’Hara

        It is exactly the same way now. They can just take your finger print. That is why they have security features like locking the phone after 24 hours, or pressing the 2 side buttons to lock. Either of these force the phone to use a passcode to unlock.

        Second one, this will behave exactly as it does now. If you take your phone, and set your phone on the Touch ID sensor, it unlocks your phone. But it DOESN’T take you to your Home screen until you press the Home button. With Face ID, it will automatically unlock, but only go to your Home screen when you invoke whatever gesture Apple will use to replace the Home button. So Notifications still aren’t an issue.

        Lastly, I guess we don’t agree on that? I agree they were working on Touch ID through the glass, but I think facial scanning is what they wanted to do more. It is faster and more secure than Touch ID. It has more reference points on a 3D facial scan than a fingerprint. So its faster, more secure, and has a multitude of other features they can do with it like the new Animoji and AR. So overall I think the facial recognition is better, they may have just figured it out faster than they expected. It also sounds like they were able to do Touch ID through the glass, but manufacturers couldn’t create it at scale.

      • odedo1

        If I only could tell you how right & wrong you are but I’ve already said way to much, I was just wondering what people think about the subject.

      • odedo1

        And by the way most of what you get today are those dumb ideas tweaks built into iOS so I guess that they where not so dumb after all.