Of all the updates we expected for Tuesday’s iPhone 8 event, AirPods weren’t on many people’s lists. Thanks to the iOS 11 GM build leaked to 9to5Mac, we now have a good idea that Apple will be releasing a minor refresh to the world’s most popular Bluetooth earbuds.

The internal name has moved from AirPods1,1 to AirPods1,2. This indicates what is most likely a minimal refresh, with very subtle changes. Based on the image and video discovered in the GM, the only change we can ascertain is the relocated charging indicator. It appears to have moved from the inside of the lid to the outside of the case.

This makes it easier to glimpse the charging status of your AirPods without having to open the case.

In other AirPods related news, shipping times seem to have also started to recently improved. Depending on your location, AirPods are now available with as little as a two-week wait, drastically down from the months long wait we’ve seen in the past.

While the indicator light isn’t a big change, it is most definitely a welcomed one. Now that shipping times are improving, and a modified version is coming out, it seems like as goods time as any to pick up a pair. I’ve absolutely loved mine.

Other details revealed by the iOS 11 GM:

  • Iskren Donev

    Dang, I was hoping for noise cancelation – this is the only feature that is holding me back at this point. As soon as Apple adds it I will be buying the AirPods.


      With half battery life?
      No thanks

      • Gucciipad

        I use my AirPods alit I hardly charge my AirPods. I charge my iPad Pro, and iPhone way more than I charge my AirPods.


        But AirPods with noise reduction will have worse battery life than now

      • :D

        Noise cancellation is usually an optional feature on headphones that you trigger with a switch. You could always just keep it off if unneeded.

    • Cerberus The Wise

      If it’s noise cancellation you’re looking for then the AirPods are not for you. The new beats studio 3 are more up your alley.

      • Iskren Donev

        I didn’t realize that Apple/Beats has finally released headphones with noise cancelation and the W1 chip! Nice! I’ll definitely look into those!

  • Jamessmooth

    With an updated version, I think I’ll pull the trigger on these. My bank account is already weeping.

    • Rowan09

      I’ve been holding back on buying them and I’m happy I bought them. When I’m at work I just have one in my ear and do whatever I need to most of the time.