Apple’s developers yesterday received a surprise iOS 11 beta 9 update (along with tvOS 11 beta 9), coming just four days after the previous beta build was seeded— signaling the public release isn’t that far away.

iOS 11 beta 9 does not include any outward-facing feature changes or major user interface tweaks. Most of the work is instead focused on under-the-hood optimizations, bug fixes and just overall fine-tuning of the software.

Here’s Andrew’s video.

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As noted by ThinkyBits, yesterday’s iOS 11 beta 9 release was uncharted territory because all prior iOS software updates had fewer beta release, eight at most.

Have you noticed how iOS 11 beta 9 is way more performant and less buggy that prior releases, which is yet another indication that the public release isn’t that far away? Apple always optimizes iOS betas for speed and power consumption as the last stage ahead of a Golden Master candidate, which typically precedes the public release.

The company has said that iOS 11 will release for public consumption this fall.

With the September 12 event now official, and considering that the new iPhones will be hitting store shelves ten days later, we can safely assume that iOS will see its public release a few days before Friday, September 22, because new hardware requires it.

  • Pallav Agarwal

    Who is waiting for final release when Apple Pay Cash will come out?!

    • Jay

      Squares cash app already does it so there’s nothing really to wait for..

      • Pallav Agarwal

        Techies like us will have such apps, but just like how you can airdrop anything whenever you need to, with anyone, apple pay cash will be amazingly easy to use and work even with those too lazy to download apps.

      • Jay

        That is true. I don’t think that the cash app isn’t really a techie app and its pretty simple.. no need to set up another source of funding and they even have a debit card they can send now..

  • Greg S

    Much better battery. My iPhone 7+ was running out of juice 3pm for the last month. Yesterday it was 83% at lunchtime. Much improved.

    If only Apple’d fix my car adapter: lightning to lightning/audio- “accessory not supported”. Has worked fine for 6 months, and still for my wife’s ip6.

  • SteveGsays

    I’m running public beta 8 and having problems with having no mobile data. Anyone else experiencing that?