Claimed measurements for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models have been leaked to Techno Buffalo by a trusted and reliable source, indicating the forthcoming phones might be slightly bigger in every dimension than the iPhone 7 series.

Here are the claimed iPhone 7s/Plus dimensions:

  • iPhone 7s: 138.44 x 67.26 x 7.21mm
  • iPhone 7s Plus: 158.37 x 78.10 x 7.41mm

For the comparisons’s sake, here’s what the current iPhone 7 series measures up:

  • iPhone 7: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm

Most cases for iPhone 6 continued working with iPhone 6s because there was an imperceptible difference in thickness of just 0.1mm.

With the iPhone 7s/Plus series, there are size differences in all three measurements which could mean that today’s iPhone 7 cases most likely won’t work with the upcoming handsets.

What do you think?

Image via SlashLeaks

  • Jay

    Just enough space for added internal and slight redesign for glass backs..

    • Valinor

      I think its more a case of “lets keep the case manufacturers happy by changing the dimensions”

      • Jay

        Doubt it, they’d have to change theirs for the lether and plastic cases as well. If they could’ve kept it the same like they did with the 5, 5S and SE also the 6 and 6S they would have.. saves a ton of money..

      • pauleebe

        The largest dimension changes by ~.2mm, which translates into 0.0079 inches. This is about the same increase from the 6 to the 6S, and those cases were interchangeable.

        7 cases will be usable on the 7S.

      • Jay

        It would be great if the made them thicker to flush the rear cameras.

  • tiltdown

    Wait, so they will introduce 3 new phones this year or no iPhone 8 on Sept. 12?

    • Jay

      A lot of people think there well be indeed three devices unveiled but there could be and updated SE as well.

      • Phlooo

        There’s a possibility to see the iPhone 7S take the SE’s place, and the iPhone 8 take the 7 Plus’s place. So we’d have iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro, like we now have SE, 7 and 7 Plus…

      • Jay

        The screen is too big for the the 7 to take the SE’s place there still needs to be a device with a smaller screen.

      • Phlooo

        Not really, if the price stays in the same range, why would there “need” to be a smaller screen?

      • Jay

        Because it isn’t just about the price. People actually want 4in screens believe it or not. My mom had a 6 but had the SE now and prefers it for its form factor.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Where have you been all rumor season? Its always been 3 phones.

  • bigkool2

    I don’t understand the reason for having a 7S and 7S plus.
    Here are the little better versions of the 7 and the 7 plus but for another $200ish, you can have the brand new iPhone 8.

    I would either keep the 7 or get the 8, not get the 7S. That should apply to the owners of 6 series and 6S series.