When you look at a breakdown of what’s taking up the most space on your Mac’s hard drive, you’ll likely see five main categories: Audio, Apps, Photos, Movies, and Other. And if you’re like most Mac users, that mysterious “Other” category takes up a surprisingly large amount of space. Yet manually locating the files most responsible for this bloated category is practically impossible. Finding and eliminating these elusive and needless files is precisely where CleanMyMac 3 shines, and it’s available now for just $27.99.

With CleanMyMac 3, you’ll be able to liberate gigabytes of space on your Mac with a single click. This highly-rated app, which received a 4/5 rating from Macworld, scans every inch of your system and then continuously monitors the health of your Mac—meaning programs will load faster and you’ll be far less prone to random crashes.

Give your Mac the storage space and maintenance it deserves with CleanMyMac 3 for just $27.99. That’s 29% off it’s regular price.

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