CAD images posted a few days ago by leak aggregator SlashLeaks suggest that Apple’s iterative iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates might have the old-fashioned bezels and a front-mounted Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The images were originally obtained through a source close to the manufacturing process by TechnoBuffalo. According to the site, the leaked CAD designs reveal the exact build and key features that the LCD-based phones will come with.

If the CADs are genuine, the Plus model of iPhone 7s should come with a dual-camera setup out the back while the regular 4.7-inch iPhone 7s would have a single-lens camera.

These phones are widely expected to adopt a glass sandwich design of the iPhone 4/4s series.

That includes a metal frame running around the sides of the device fusing the front and glass panels and a glass backside to minimize the antenna design and support wireless charging.

Button layout is unchanged from iPhone 7, with the haptic Home button at the bottom, the Volume up/down buttons and the Mute toggle on the left and the Power button on the right.

The phones will stick with same LCD panels Apple’s been using since 2014. The drawings suggest the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be built into a non-moving Touch ID button on the front, like with iPhone 7.

“The circle at the center of both back images is where the Apple logo will be and the rectangle at the bottom is where the legal wording will be placed,” reads the report.

This excerpt is also interesting:

The source responsible for the CAD images also revealed that Apple won’t name its high-end flagship iPhone 8. Their best guess is it will be called ‘iPhone X’, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if Apple ends up going with ‘iPhone Edition’.

It’s already in the naming scheme with Apple Watch.

Lastly, these S-upgrades should run Apple’s new A11 chip and potentially include more RAM.

Earlier today, a video from a Foxconn factory has surfaced that apparently depicts an iPhone 7s with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor going through a quality control process.

  • EqualRice

    You need to fix the title. It reads 7/Plus when it should read 7s / 7s Plus. Also, that is NOT TouchID on the back, it’s signifying where the Apple logo will go, the little square at the bottom is where the copyright info will appear. Do a little research before writing.

  • Computorium

    OMG I cannot wait to use my iPhone 7 Plus with rear Touch ID.

    • Computorium

      Hey I am already using a iPhone 7 Plus. I am from the future!

  • LandmanLife

    …the article says the Touch ID and home button will be unchanged, yet the title suggests it will be on the back? You actually quote a report saying, “The circle at the center of both back images is where the Apple logo will be and the rectangle at the bottom is where the legal wording will be placed.” Maybe I am missing something, but this is incredibly misleading.

    • Yeah, I obviously messed up that one. Apologies for the rear Touch ID snafu, I’ve made the changes to the headline and the article body to reflect that

    • Rahul Sharma

      This is gentlemen called copy pasting directly from the source.

    • Vinnie Bones

      …the truth is out there

  • Iskren Donev

    We might be in for some double-finger action, folks! Touch ID on the front and the back!

    Just kidding, the rear is for the Apple logo … unless Apple opts to put the Apple logo on the front chin of the iPhone