Yesterday, Apple’s official YouTube channel was refreshed with half a dozen how-to videos detailing some of the major new features coming to iPad this fall with iOS 11, including the spring-loaded Dock, a new Files app, drag and drop, enhanced multitasking and more.

The video tutorials, each running fifty seconds long, also highlight iPad multitasking gestures, an enhanced Markup feature that’s now available in more places, a new document scanner in the Notes app, an overhauled task switcher, an improved Control Center and more.

Here they are.

Harnessing the power of the new Dock

“You can add even more apps, open recent files, and drag and drop files using the new spring-loaded Dock.”

Getting more things done more quickly with multitasking

“It’s simpler than ever to get productive with multitasking on iPad Pro and iOS 11.”

Getting the most out of your hands with gestures

“Get around iPad quickly with these time-saving gestures.”

Marking stuff up with Apple Pencil

“With iOS 11 it’s faster and easier to mark up all kinds of things with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.”

Effortlessly scanning, signing and sending a document

“With iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the new Notes app, scanning and signing a document has never been easier.”

Manage and fly through your files with the new Files app

“With the new Files app, you can find all your important files in one convenient place. Browse recent files, manage favorites and even access files from your favorite cloud services.”

iOS 11 will release as a free upgrade this fall.

How do you like Apple’s new tutorial videos?

  • Benedict

    “Files are bad” – “Who needs files?” – “Files-App?!” – like “Who needs big phones or a stylus??”
    Come on, Apple, make an iPhone A – for Android.

    p.s. the donut stands for a feature of Android 1.6 Donut right?

    • Matta Fakt

      You’ve missed the point of all 3 of those sentiments. It has to do with *how* they’re applied, not whether or not they should exist. NEEDING a stylus for a 3.5” iPhone to function is hugely different than making use of a specially designed one for a 10.5” tablet as more and more professional software becomes available. Multitasking was never shunned; having a task manager on a phone was, because… well… that’s absurd. That’s the problem with Android. Google has no sense for how things should actually be applied, they just throw in features to claim they have them. It’s also why there was so little progress in the smartphone world before Apple gave everyone a blueprint to follow. Hate them all you want, but they’re partially responsible for the Android phone that you enjoy today.

      • Benedict

        Sorry, nope – Samsung got all that “junk nobody needs” since years implemented! Phones could do way more before Apple turned back innovation with it’s iPhone. Now after 10 years, we slowly come back to the computing level we were in the 90s: CopyPaste, Stylus and Windows. Tks Apple. When will we see background multitasking without pausing the app like the N900 did 8 years before? Next decade? No tks, Apple.

      • Galaxy_Surfer_007


        The iPhone was THE innovation breakthrough!

        In fact, that’s why Samsung produced a 138-page engineering document outlining exactly how the iPhone was better than their phones, exactly which features they needed to copy, and a road map of how to do it!

      • Benedict

        Yeah but only in your own world. It was a step back. Because of worldwide sillyness, all other companies had to adapt Apples strategy.

        Every company is doing this. It is called market analysis. Does not mean it is the best way or solution. Companies have to follow trends. The innovation would be much greater if companies like Samsung would have been the trendsetter back then.

        The iphone was a regression.

    • Leopoldo Pereira

      That donut is still better than Android.

      • Benedict

        Kinda dumb you adapt all those “bad” things for iOS then..

        p.s. congrats to your sliders in the quicksettings! hope press and hold for available wifi networks will come in iOS 14… ;D

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        At least I’m not worried about backdoors in iOS. Good luck with your Android filled with malwares xD.

      • Benedict

        Backdoors are everywhere. Also in iOS.
        Come on – don’t come up with the malware myth again.. Every normal android phone got “Verify Apps” preinstalled which would detect malware activity immediately. Only phones without Google Apps like China etc.
        Got a Moto G5 here which costs 180€ – large display, fast, latest Android, dual SIM (private/work), SD Card, ultra fast fingerprint reader with nav gestures, and so on.
        Never every had any malware in almost 10 years. All exaggerated by anti virus companies and media to sell their products and make profit.
        Theoretically, I can buy every 2 months a year the latest phone for the price of one iPhone. But definitely no need for it..
        Reading you comments, you should inform yourself better…

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        And what what version of Android do you have? Kitkat, Nougat, Marshmallow? Not only is Android malware vulnerable, but also fragmented. I had a Xperia Arc S, Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy s II. All crap phones. Went to iPhone and never looked back. Does Android have the Handoff feature? Can you make calls on a laptop running Android? Oh, wait! You don’t have such thing as ecosystem. LOOOOOOOOL

      • Benedict

        I said, I have the latest Android Version: Nougat.

        Nice phones.. from 2012? You should get yourself a “real” smartphone. You missed alot.. 😉
        Everything is synced on all android devices since years. When does iOS support multiply accounts?
        Laptop on android? Yes, called chromebook – those who took all market share from the macbook 😉 They run android apps…

        Basic rule: Since – like you said – android is open, you can do anything with it. There is nothing you can’t.

        I’m happy Apple had to surrender their strategy – again – and opened up the filesystem for the user. Sadly it took them 10 years to realize. Now the iphone is a step closer to call itself a smartphone. Same with OLED, wireless charging, NFC, keyboards, etc. Took them years.
        Cross your fingers for quick charge, 1 Gbit modem, face detection, wakeontap,..

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        PS. How is the Android tablet market doing? And still no 3D Touch in Android phones? LOOOOOL

      • Benedict

        Very good! Android Tablets gained 40% (up to 70%) while Apple lost 50% (down to 30%) from 2011-2017.
        Android has 3D Touch: it’s called Press and Hold 😉

      • Leopoldo Pereira

        Awesome graph! Oh, by the way. Press and hold is not 3D touch. Nice try though. LOOOOOL

      • Benedict

        Yeah thx.. the light blue one is Apple, by the way – rest is Android..

        There is no advantage moving in x-y-dimensions. Sorry. Bullshit.

  • Jamessmooth

    These are pretty good. Can’t wait for ios 11!

  • nova12

    I just picked up a 10.5″ iPad Pro and I’m excited for ios11. HOWEVER, is that stupid and annoying forced location warning bar still a part of the betas?

    that thing is enough to keep me from upgrading.

  • diggitydang

    I feel like Apple’s ads and branding are getting worse and worse… It wasn’t like it once was.