Business Insider this weekend made an awesome job rounding up all the first-party dongles that the Cupertino technology giant sells through its web store, calculating that it would cost you a cool $857 to purchase them all, not including tax.

After looking through Apple’s online store in an attempt to nail down the complete dongle lineup, the publication counted a grand total of 23 Apple-made dongles. That number does not include the dongles not made by Apple, standard power cables, chargers or plugs.

As said, buying them all would set you back $857.

To put this in perspective, a standard iPhone 7 Plus costs $869, or just $12 more than the combined cost of all the dongles Apple makes. To be fair, many of them provide backward compatibility with legacy connections because we’re still transitioning to an all-USB-C world.

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With iPhone 7, a third-party adapter is needed if you wanted to listen to music through your wired headphones while the phone is being charged. The next iPhone—and all the models that will come after it—is of course not expected to have the headphone jack.

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As a MacBook Air user, I own three dongles: one to connect the notebook to a NAS via Ethernet, another one to connect the computer to my plasma TV via HDMI and a Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter to use with a FireWire-only external hard drive I’ve owned for years.

Just out of curiosity, how many Apple adapters do you own?

  • JohnyMyko

    Most of the dongles have the same purpose. No one will need to buy all of them.

    That’s like saying how much it would cost for someone to buy all the laptops Apple is currently manufacturing.

  • Alex Wilson

    I am guessing that this “reporter” really had nothing better to do with their time. Talk about worthless news.

    • Bacillus

      This is probably what happens if you get buried under bezels for five consecutive years

  • Jay Dee

    Strictly for iPad and iPhone, I use the headphone adapter which I suppose is a dongle, and a SD card reader dongle. I’m all for minimalism but forcing users to use a dongle just to use a high quality pair of headphones is going overboard.

    It would be nice to have micro SD reader built in too, it’s not like it takes up much space, they could even fit it in the same cutout for the SIM card, but unfortunately that will most likely never happen.

    Dongles have become the Apple way. Form over function.

    • Alex Wilson

      They are an abomination and scourge against all that Apple has achieved.

    • Siri Tim Cook Holness

      Micro SD ain’t beautiful is apples reason