Taking Steven Troughton-Smith’s findings regarding iPhone 8’s resizable, auto-hideable virtual Home button and a split status bar on either side of a notch at the top of an OLED display, user interface designer Maksim Petriv took it upon himself to imagine how popular apps like Apple’s Music, Instagram and Twitter might embrace the notch and look like running on iPhone 8.

Below: three ways Apple could render apps while respecting that cutout at the top of the OLED display, which is required to house the front-facing camera and sensor hardware.

Below, left to right: the Lock screen, App Store and Siri.

If there’s a version of iPhone 8 white an all-white front face, this is what it could look like.

If you’re wondering what that rumored copper-like iPhone 8 finish might look like when paired with Maksim’s renderings, here’s your answer.

“Some of you asked if I did landscape mockups,” Petriv wrote. “Here is a video player mockup.”

The Home button remains hidden when playing video, just as Troughton-Smith has discovered analyzing the HomePod firmware code, while the rest of media controls are visible.

The Home button could also automatically disappear completely or minimize when playing games, something along the lines of this.

And lastly, Twitter user @Rutherling posted a video mockup showing how iOS 11 might look like on iPhone 8 without any changes to make the surrounding area bleed with the navigation tabs above the virtual Home button.


Just a quick note before singing off: Troughton-Smith said yesterday that the APIs he unearthed from the HomePod’s version of iOS showed evidence that apps would open in fullscreen mode.

“Apple does like symmetry,” Troughton-Smith said today.

“If it weren’t for the iPhone glyph I might even suggest that the Home button could look identical to the notch,” he tweeted. “A notch on the top, and a notch on the bottom,” he added.

“But I’m against blacking out the home button area entirely, personally.”

How do you like Maksim’s conceptual renderings?

  • I really hope that there’s a dark mode for the black front phones to match the look and it doesn’t look weird as the first images.

  • MMA Rules

    I like the “y” shape on the top, it’s different from any other smartphone

  • zebonaut

    How about a user button in settings that lets the user himself decide if they want the notch to show or not; by changing the top side colors to black background with indicators.

  • Jamessmooth

    I didn’t realize how much that black top notch stands out on a white background and vice versa. Also, I highly doubt the first landscape mockup will happen. The top notch would cut off video if the video bleeds into the “status bar” area.

  • Jamessmooth

    black status bar on either side of the top cutout is the winner.

  • FlaggyDiggler

    Omg! That cutout is an eyesore, I’ll get the 7s plus over this!

    • Yeah.. hoping they go for some kind of UI style that uses it better than what these designers have thought of

  • Young God

    It’d be sick it the screen was white in the ones w/ a white cutout. Y have we never seen a screen that is white when turned off

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    Apple will never make a screen with a cut for the speaker, it cuts the image, not possible.

  • I still believe all front faces will be in Black only. Rear ones will come in multiple colors