iTunes has become somewhat of a necessity in our lives, yet oftentimes it can be a nuisance. Endless updates, confusing categorization, and unintuitive commands have led many users to grow wary of this demanding app. So free yourself from iTunes transfers by grabbing WALTR 2, which allows you to easily and wirelessly transfer music, video, PDFs, ringtones, and more to your iPhone or iPad without iTunes. It’s just $19.95.

With WALTR 2, you’ll be able to skip converters, such as iTunes, and wires altogether. At its core, WALTR 2 is a simple and intuitive file manager that allows you to drag-and-drop files into any Apple device without the need for wires or other third-party apps. It’s also armed with clever tricks like automatic file conversion for audio and video, and content recognition that brings along metadata.

Free yourself from those messy iTunes transfers by picking up WALTR 2—available for 50% off at just $19.95.

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