Recent iterations of iOS have made it easier to get to weather information at a glance, but if you want a faster update as to the temperature outside without having to open interfaces, then try a new jailbreak tweak called WeatherStatusBar10 by iOS developer HiDaN.

As the name suggests, this tweak puts the weather temperature right in your Status Bar. This information appears on the right side, just to the left of the battery indicator.

To configure the tweak after installation, you will have to visit the preferences pane in the Settings app:

Here, you can enable or disable the tweak, choose a data refresh interval (in minutes), and force a data refresh on demand.

The tweak draws its information directly from the stock Weather app on your device, so it’s imperative that you have it installed on your device (not removed) for the tweak to work. Notice the matching data:

In a nutshell, WeatherStatusBar10 is indeed fairly simple, but whether it’s needed is subject to debate. You could use the Weather widget on your Today page to access more detailed weather information from almost anywhere in iOS, and you could even use Siri.

WeatherStatusBar10 might be useful if you’ve disabled the features as mentioned earlier and/or want a simpler display for weather information. Moreover, if you have other widgets enabled in the Today page, you can use this tweak and disable the Weather widget to reduce clutter.

Personally, I think the temperature font is on the small size, and I would prefer if it were sized to match the battery percentage, time, and other surrounding text. In its current state, it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb and that bothers me a little bit, but your mileage may vary.

If you want to try WeatherStatusBar10, you can download it for $1.00 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Do you like the idea of having a temperature indicator in the Status Bar? Share why or why not in the comments section below.

  • The Zlatan

    Still a better tweak than hiding certain emojis..

    • Diego Milano


  • igobythisname

    GENIUS! I love it! Thank you iDB!

  • igobythisname

    Can anyone comment on how well it updates if say, you’re driving and moving from city to city?

    edit: from package notes: “*Currently, WeatherStatusBar10 doesnot pull auto local weather based on your location” ~well aLRIGHTY then!

    • You beat me to it, it uses the primary place you’ve set in the Weather app.

  • droid3000

    Does this not show up in moveable9?