Hugh Dubberly, a former Apple creative director and former member of Samsung’s global design advisory board, was cited in The Wall Street Journal’s write-up Monday as saying that the pipeline that Steve Jobs started is now over. “It’s not so much that Samsung has gotten better, but Apple has fundamentally changed,” he added.

While smartphone innovation in general has stalled due to market saturation and other factors as game-changing technologies continue to give way to incremental changes, the article suggests that Samsung has out-designed Apple with its Galaxy S8.

The smartphone war is shifting to how a phone looks and feels, reads the article.

Samsung design chief M.H. Lee was cited as saying:

Companies used to design phones to show off their technology. Now the focus is on designing a product that can be a buddy to the person, inseparable to them. Smartphone design is not just artwork that expresses what you want but a process of making things people around the world can actually use.

Charles L. Mauro, president of MauroNewMedia, a product-design research firm that has done consulting work for Apple and Samsung, said smartphone aesthetics now account for about half a consumer’s purchase decision versus just seven percent of purchases in an older survey.

An excerpt from the article:

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is nudging the bar higher as Apple seeks to impress with its 10th anniversary iPhone this fall. For Apple to outdo Samsung on design, analysts said, it would need a new distinguishing feature, like a fingerprint sensor beneath the display rather than a physical Home button.

Consumer Reports ranked the Galaxy S handset the top phone for the second straight year, praising features like Galaxy S8’s industrial design, battery life and camera quality.

Galaxy S8 sales hit one million units in South Korea in half the time it took for its predecessor to hit that milestone. On the other hand, it saw significantly lower global sales during its first two months of availability than the Galaxy S7 model during the same period last year.

  • Jay
  • Ara Rezaee

    S8 is absolutely terrible, it is in no meaningful way better than the 7 or 6S or even 6 for that matter. (I’d pick an HTC or a Nexus before a Galaxy)

    • TechnoBuff

      Absolutely terrible.. you sound so ridiculous now. your take fanboyism to a whole new level.
      Have you actually used an S8 at all??
      Funny how a lot of people make comments on products they have no clue about..
      Most people including top reviewers will admit that S8 is a very good phone and certainly the most attractive phone out there presently.
      Until the next Iphone comes out.. the S8 is the most attractive phone out there presently.

      • Ara Rezaee

        Having a preference doesn’t mean I’m a fanboy; then again I don’t give a rats butt what you think; so go ahead and accuse all you want.
        That being said, no I haven’t held/used the S8 because I have no interest in it, but I have plenty of experience with the S6 and S7 and that’s exactly why I have no interest in Samesongs anymore. Google S8 problems and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

      • TechnoBuff

        Unless you have used an S8.. your comment lacks substance and comes from a position of ignorance.
        By the way.. I was not accusing you of anything.

      • Ara Rezaee

        You just proved you don’t know what you’re talking about. S8 is not a revolutionary device compared to S7 and all its other predecessors and that means they are largely the same thing. (other than a differently sized screen and a small improvement on soc they are literally exactly the same) You seem like a teenager you should wait a couple years and get more experience then you’ll get what I’m saying.

      • TechnoBuff

        I am sure i did not mention REVOLUTIONARY or special in my comment at all. Take a seat in the corner and take notes.

      • Ara Rezaee

        Jesus Christ how daft are you? You need to work on your communication skills kid, come back when you are capable of understanding common English.

      • TechnoBuff

        As stated. Take notes.. mate!

      • Rowan09

        The S7 and S8 are pretty much the same devices, one doesn’t need to use the S8 to accurately give an opinion. If you don’t like the S7 Edge, you won’t like the S8. You said they should be applauded for making a bezel free phone as if they are the only ones doing it, Sharp actually accomplished a more bezel free phone. It’s funny too that bezel free is a standard for some revolutionary move. I don’t own the S8 because I have the S7 Edge and there is no need to upgrade. I use my iPhone 7 Plus as my main device and S7 Edge as a backup.

      • TechnoBuff

        Because you do not like a product does not make it terrible! it is quite ignorant perspective.
        By the way. S7 and S8 might be similar but not the same product ..

      • Rowan09

        Please tell me the difference with the S7 and S8 besides a tall phone? Of course if you don’t like a product it can make it terrible. People don’t have to base their opinions on consumer reports, etc. If I use a Galaxy and it keeps crashing, slow, battery life and space management sucks, it makes it a terrible device. The Note 7 was a terrible device and there are a lot of people who would say otherwise.

      • TechnoBuff

        So in a manner of speaking.. Iphone 6, 6s and 7 are the same phone?

      • Rowan09

        In looks yes and screen resolution and that’s where it ends. The iPhone 7 is the biggest jump forward for the iPhone every. Everything is new besides the screen and look. I don’t hate the S8 as I own a S7 Edge, it’s just not a worthy upgrade for me especially since the resale value is horrible.

      • TechnoBuff

        If your logic and perspective about Iphone 7 is sound and true.. how does that not apply to the S8? Am i missing something here?
        Saying when it comes to an iphone 7, that everything is new besides the screen and look defies explanation but that does not apply to S8???

      • Rowan09

        It’s pretty much the same phone. They went back in battery life and didn’t upgrade the RAM, (front camera got upgraded to 8 for 5) less PPI of course due to talller screen, same water resistance, same wireless charging, etc. It’s fine with me because it’s an S upgrade if you ask me. Samsung does the same S upgrade every other year like Apple and that’s fine.

      • Sunshoopa

        Welp I missed the “if” part on the crashing and stuff until I re-read it and was about to say something :P. Usually 1 year differences on ANY phone aren’t worth it. If I bought a new phone after some years, I’d get a S8 instead of an S7 of course, which is mainly the people they’re going after. I wouldn’t see it worth it from an iPhone 6S to 7 either.

      • Rowan09

        lol I know you would. It’s just the fact people keep feeding me the S8 is the next sliced bread and it’s just not. I’m fine with what it is and have no hate towards the device.

      • Galaxy Life

        The differences are.

        A bigger display in a smaller body (nearly 6 inches in a frame much much smaller than the 5.5″ iPhone plus. Almost 600 ppi

        Mobile HDR, Iris scanner and Bluetooth 5 (3 features not found in any other phone)

        Bixby (all of it, not just the assistant)

        And there’s smaller things like more storage, tons more TouchWiz features, better dust and water resistance, better camera.

        From S6 to S8 it’s an entirely new and very different phone.

        From iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 the only hardware upgrade is the pressure sensitive display and dual speakers.

      • Rowan09

        What stop the lies. The iPhone 7 is quad core, water resistant, dual speakers, 7mp front camera, 12mp back camera, dual camera on the 7+, pressure sensitive home button, fast charging (when used to bigger charger like the MacBook Pro charger), of course plenty of camera software features like depth effect, 3GB RAM, more storage (256GB), faster Touch ID, etc.

        Bixby is in beta and less than half baked I’m not even sure why you mentioned it. The S8 has less PPI (567) than the S7 Edge (577) so that was also another lie. The battery is also smaller on the S8. The cameras are the same the only difference is 8mp on the front camera compared to 5mp on the S7, but all the same specs. We already know the obvious with the taller display. Iris scanner was already on the Note 7 so nothing new there. Bluetooth 5 is a new addition that everyone will get that is not a Samsung specific thing.

        I have no issues with the S8 but it was an S upgrade. To say the move from the iPhone 6-7 is less is a joke.


    for the first time since 2007, i switched from an iphone to the S8. their time as a phone leader is over.

    • Rowan09

      Why because you said so? If you notice every year the iPhone is still the phone to beat and definitely the phone to outsell. They have many androids on the market and instead of comparing a Galaxy with a Nexus, or LG it’s always an iPhone comparison. The iPhone is still the leader.

      • Donstil

        Why because you said so?

      • Rowan09

        No because I gave a reason why. Why isn’t Samsung trying to make it to market before the next Nexus or LG phone? You know why because the iPhone is still the phone to beat every year. Good try though.

      • Cerberus The Wise

        He just pointed out an obvious reason. “The iPhone is the gold standard to which all other phones are measured.”

  • stylesbeyond

    lol!! if anything its got better, dumbasses

  • Jennifer Mathews

    Why do Samsung fanboys take such glee that the latest Galaxy is compared to the previous model iPhone when still, in many ways, comes up short? I’ve had too many defective Samsung phones to ever purchase another one.

  • Jamessmooth

    Wait until September then ask this guy again.

  • Daniel Maia

    I really hope this new iPhone blows everything out of the water, because honestly that S8 looks really damn good.

    • basilis

      impractical nevertheless


    lets remember one thing. they’re just phones. if you die today, no one is going to give a crap about the phone you had. if youre standing at the pearly gates, you aren’t going to be judged on what phone you used, some of you may be judged on your nasty comments, but not the phone.

    • Dude

      Let’s remember one thing. When you die, there’s no evidence to suggest you go anywhere. So both your phone, and your religion are irrelevant.