If USB-C is the future, the present still has lots of catching up to do, as we are still reliant on legacy standards such as HDMI, USB 3.0, SD cards, and more. That makes moving to the new MacBook Pro a little less convenient than we were promised, and unless you want to stock up on a set of new cables for all your peripherals, the next smart thing to do is to buy a USB-C hub.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been using the Satechi Type-C Pro Hub Adapter, an all-in-one accessory that meets all of my needs when it comes to plugging stuff into my new MacBook Pro, and then some more.

Designed for the new MacBook Pro

The Satechi Type-C Pro Hub Adapter was designed specifically for the new MacBook Pro. Made of brushed aluminium, and coming in either silver or space grey, the hub perfectly matches your MacBook Pro. Its slim and compact profile makes it easy to bring along.

The adapter features one Thunderbolt 3 port, one USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, 4k HDMI, one SD and one Micro card reader. Ethernet, DisplayPort, Mini and Micro USB are notably absent.

To plug it in, you will have to give up two of your USB-C ports, either to the right or left side of the machine.

Features that will meet the needs of most users

When it comes to tech specs, the Satechi hub should fit the needs of most users. Emphasis should be made on “most,” because clearly, if you need Ethernet, more than two USB 3.0 ports, and more than two USB-C ports, then this won’t cut it. But it should be more than enough for the above average user, me included.

The Thunderbolt 3 port allows for pass-through charging for both the 13” (61W) and 15” (87W) MacBook Pro models, which can be convenient especially if you’re using an external USB-C monitor that can also charge your MacBook Pro when plugged in.

That port delivers up to 40Gb/s data speeds, and pushes pixels to one 5K display, or two 4K displays at 60Hz. That makes it the perfect companion for your LG UltraFine monitor, if you could afford it after breaking the bank on that MacBook Pro…

The HDMI port allows for 1080p video output at 60Hz, or up to 4K at 30Hz.

Specs of other ports:

  • Two USB 3.0 ports – 5Gb/s data speed
  • One USB-C port – 5Gb/s data speed
  • One SD/Micro card reader – up to 104MB/s

Should you buy it?

If you haven’t already replaced all the cables you use with USB-C ones, the Satechi Type-C Pro Hub should be a great companion for you. Unless you need more than it has to offer, this accessory adds convenience without adding bulk to an otherwise slim computer.

Quite frankly, I don’t have anything negative to say about this hub. It’s been performing as expected since I first received it several weeks ago. Although I feel compelled to note again that I am not an ultra pro user. I consider myself above average, and I feel this accessory is made for people like me.

At $99 on Amazon, the Satechi Type-C Pro Hub isn’t cheap, but I feel confident enough to recommend it to anyone in the market for such a hub.

  • Charlie

    Didn’t you guys already do a story about this few months ago?

    • We did a post when the product was first announced a while ago. This is more of a review after using the product.

      • Chetan

        Thanks for posting this review. I did follow your previous post about it and since then I have marked it as a sure shot buy whenever I buy my next Macbook pro.

        BTW, though bit out of topic but any idea when is the much awaited 32Gb Macbook Pro 15inch is coming? I have a 2012 version which I bought as soon as Retina version was launched, but it bottle necks me due to its 8Gb RAM for most machine learning projects. I know Kaby lake processors are in new MBP, but definitely since 32Gb LPDDR4 is not available Apple can’t provide it. Any idea about this whole scene? I think we might see a mid term upgrade may be till year end?

      • I don’t really know but I wouldn’t expect such upgrade until next year.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    What about the MacBook?! Would this accessory fit?! I got a MacBook not that long ago and while it isn’t a pro it’s only got that USB-C port. So if this works I’d be interested in buying it.

    • This hub is plugged in 2 usb-c ports, so it wouldn’t work on the MacBook since it only has one usb-c port.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        Thanks Sebastien. Since this is my go-to place for all my Apple stuff is there one that your aware of for the MacBook that you’d recommend?! Or anyone know of a hub that would be really got for just the MacBook?

      • Sorry, I haven’t seen anything I’d feel good enough recommending for the MacBook.

      • Emilio

        Satechi has other Type-c products that work perfect for your Mac.

  • Rafael Palencia

    This looks really nice but, probably what I’ve been looking for. But does it cause any wireless issues when using USB 3.0 and 2.4GHz Wifi? Every dongle / cable has given me problems.

  • teris

    instead of Apple make our lifes simple they make it complicated more and more.

  • MacServiceGuy

    Apple removes all ‘unnecessary’ ports from the mac except for one, pretending to streamline users’ needs… all the while simply shifting the burden back to the end user of buying a device to get all those ports back that they don’t need.

    BONUS: user agrees to not only pay too much for the macbook, but also to cover the cost of buying the external device to get all their ports back that they don’t need, thereby increasing their overall spend.

    SUPER BONUS: user then writes a public article/blog about how wonderful and wise it is to have to pay extra for something that should have been included in their mac to begin with.

    SUPER FAN BONUS: user then goes back to their iphone to buy apps from a nazi store that dictates what they do and do not need and are and are not allowed to have.

    ON A COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE: hitler is jealous

  • Mark S

    Too bad it doesn’t offer ethernet too.