Apple is reportedly in panic mode due to persistent software problems with wireless charging and an all-new 3D sensor, which are increasingly threatening to spoil iPhone 8’s launch party.

“June was a tense month for the engineers and designers on Apple’s iPhone team with ‘a sense of panic in the air’,” a source with knowledge of the situation told Fast Company.

Should engineers fail to fix software hiccups, the Cupertino technology giant may be left with no other choice but to enable these features later on via an iOS 11.1 software update.

“Apple’s been working feverishly to fix software problems in its hotly anticipated iPhone 8 that could ultimately cause production and delivery delays,” sources said.

“If the software problems aren’t resolved quickly, the new flagship iPhone could even launch with major features disabled.”

iPhone 8 will use inductive charging similar to Apple Watch, where the phone sits directly on a separate charging device. The wireless charging components provided by Broadcom are not the key issue, claims the publication, it’s the software that’s not ready for prime time.

The company faces similar problems with the new front-facing 3D sensor which will be used for facial unlocking, 3D mapping, augmented reality and other features.

Fast Company’s source claims Apple’s been struggling to get the sensor to work reliably.

“The sensor hardware is not the problem, but rather the accompanying software,” said the source, speculating Apple should be able to have the 3D software working in time.

“If not, the company could include the sensor in the phone anyway, and turn it on later on with a software update,” reads the article. As for the Touch ID situation, the source says that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded under the display after all.

It wouldn’t be the first time Apple shipped an iPhone with inoperable hardware.

Look no further than last year’s iPhone 7 launch—the 5.5-inch Plus model shipped with the necessary chips and sensors to support its depth-of-field photography mode, but that key feature was activated only a few weeks later via a software update.

Is Apple running the risk of launching the hotly anticipated OLED iPhone with wireless charging and 3D-sensing functionality disabled at launch, do you think?

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  • DT

    Fake News.

    Everyday it’s an article about how the new iPhone is going to be missing something. No, it’s not.

    As said yesterday, if you honestly think Apple doesn’t have everything nailed down by now and is working frantically to get things to work still, you’re dumb.

    • Jose Rivera

      When I see articles like this it really makes me question the reality of it. Apple has to start thinking about everything even before the current phone launched. Apple isn’t like Samsung and adds a whole bunch of features last minute and lets important things slip…

      • DT

        Exactly. They already have people working on the next iPhone and iOS 12. No way in hell are they still trying to figure out a design choice 2 months before launch.

      • The design has clearly been long decided upon, but again, some of the software features may not be available at launch, like with last year’s Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus

      • Galaxy Life

        Name one important thing that slipped from the S8, S7 or S6 phones?

      • Fanboy 

        Exploding batteries seemed to slip past Samsung lmao. That’s 1 more than enough.

      • Galaxy Life

        No iPhone ever exploded?

        An iPhone is blamed for downing a jet.

        Google up Egyptair iPhone 6.

      • Jay

        You’re right iPhone’s caught on fire and exploded. However it wasn’t nearly as bad as Samsung problem. Samsung even had to recall the ‘fixed’ units because they didn’t test them properly ultimately forcing them to stop selling the device.

      • Fanboy 

        Don’t fool yourself. 1 faulty iPhone isn’t equivalent to an entire Samsung recall and ban at airports LOL

      • Jay

        The S7 rear cameras resolution went down from the S6, Also with the S8 your forced to use a device with the curved edge screen because they didn’t care whether you wanted to or not while the S6 and S7 sold separate edge models. The S8’s PPI also dropped form the S7 and it also got bigger and heavier just accommodate a bigger screen. Fact is, all manufacture’s make some compromises when they want to add new features.

      • Galaxy Life

        They do care, that’s why the only made an edge variant. Sales numbers told them it was by far the choice people opted for.

        S8 ppi did not go down and it’s in no way shape or form heavier than the S7

      • Jay

        Sales only matter to Samsung not to the people who do not want an edge screen.
        S7 PPI 577 S8 PPI 570.
        S7 (142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm) S8 (148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm)

    • Jack Wong

      What is even more funny… most of the websites like to post this kind of “news”, they should know this is a joke, new iPhone already in mass production to handle all the markets for the whole world.

      Wireless charging… it is good to have, if I still have to put the phone on top of a specific platform, please keep it for yourself.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Well actually, technically the next iphones would be the 7S and 7S plus and those will launch on time. This seems like will be a special 10 year anniversary edition. And the 10th anniversary runs the whole year…so it COULD launch later and still have the normal iphone refresh come out in September. Just a thought.

    • Yes, but this particular report clearly states that the hardware features have long been locked but software support for things like the 3D sensor and wireless charging is still being worked on as we speak. Apple did launch iPhone 7 Plus last year without proper software support for Portrait mode.

    • ravinigga

      True Apple also send the schematics to the case manufacturers

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    I won’t be getting til April anyway

  • Iskren Donev

    I will be kind of bummed if the next iPhone only has inductive charging and not true wireless charging. As for the front-facing 3D sensor – if they will be ditching the Touch ID they’ll need to nail down the Face ID software. Shipping an iPhone with no kind of biometric authentication is a no-go.

    • Alejandro Delgado

      lol is there someone who actually has working, completely wirelless, charging?

      • Iskren Donev

        Some time ago Apple bought Energous which has the tech to deliver truly wireless charging.

      • Galaxy Life

        They didn’t buy them.

    • Galaxy Life

      “true wireless charging” is years away from being practical enough to actually use.

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with induction–once you finally get it (like all those other features) you and everyone else will do a quick 180°