As more and more shows and movies move to on-demand streaming services, fewer and fewer of us are relying on costly cable subscriptions to deliver our entertainment. Cut that cable once and for all with the Ultimate Cord Cutting Kit Subscriptions, available for just $19.99. You’ll even get an HD TV Antenna to boot.

With this kit, you’ll have unlimited access to the world’s largest entertainment library, featuring a SelectTV subscription, an HDTV digital antenna, and a combined six free months of premium services including HBONow, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All-Access, SlingTV, and Amazon Prime Video. That’s over 400,000 TV episodes, 100,000 movies, and 2000 live channels—all delivered to your TV without having to deal with a cable company.

Take that final leap into the future of entertainment by cutting the cable and grabbing the Ultimate Cord Cutting Kit Subscriptions for just $19.99.

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  • zoLa siWisa

    Can you ship to South Africa? How does it work? Internet base and how much will be the speed?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wow I’v never even heard of this before. Even at the Regular 36 dollar price tag this seems like an unbelievable deal! Is there a catch? How much are the premium services after the free 6 months? I see 9 months here but the actual deal says 6 months.

    • Sorry, it’s actually 6 months. These services are typically about $10 a month after that.

      This deal is mainly a free antenna plus trials to a bunch of services (i.e. Netflix).

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        oh so you cant pick your channels then like other ones?

  • DanielRojass

    Apple TV access ?

  • Gary Deezy

    $19.99…. for six months. Then, just like the cable company I was running away, the rate will go up to the point where I can’t afford it any more.

  • harry

    what does lifetime membership (89$) include ?