Even the most advanced smartphone and tablet batteries are no match for the amount of non-stop attention we give our phones every day. Waking up to a full charge on even the most advanced smartphone is no guarantee that you won’t face a drained battery by the afternoon. This Mophie Powerstation 8X Battery Pack is the answer to your charging woes, and it’s available for just $79.95.

This ultra-thin, powerful, and stylish external battery boasts a high-speed 15W output that can recharge a smartphone up to eight times. It enables pass-through charging while connected to a power source so your device charges first, and since it has two USB ports, you’ll have two separate devices up and running in no time.

Never risk draining another charge with this Mophie Powerstation 8X Battery Pack. It’s available for only $79.95–over 45% off–for a limited time.

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  • Marcus

    If I didn’t use Apple’s battery case I would probably get this

  • Justin Poynter

    I’m all for supporting iDB but you can get a 20,000 mAh battery that is even smaller for only $30.

  • Gregory D Foster

    I’m confused. Charge it up to eight times, like it’s limited to charging it only 8 times or charges it eight times faster?

    • It literally says “it can recharge a smartphone up to eight times.” Wtf is so confusing about that statement?

      • Gregory D Foster

        So you don’t have an answer to my question? I’ve never used one of these before. Does it mean eight times before IT needs to be charged again? It charges eight times and it’s dead forever or eight times faster than a normal charger?

      • tariq

        You charge the Powerbank once and it’ charge your phone 8 times (assuming you use it to charge from 0%-100%) then the powerbank needs to be recharged. Most people plug it in before reaching 0% so you might get more than 8 charges. The power bank can be reused as many times as u like. It’s very useful for hiking or long trips

      • Jay

        After charging the phone eight times its done forever. There are no ports to recharge it. You safely throw it away because it has a rechargeable battery inside.

      • Jerry