A trio of images published by Benjamin Geskin last night have gotten some folks excited (or worried, depending on your point of view). The photos appear to show an early iPhone 8 prototype, which he says was obtained from an insider.

The device pictured on the images does not have its front-facing FaceTime camera and the speaker integrated into the display, like we’re expecting in the final model due this fall.

Instead, there’s a “chin” at the top of the display, albeit thinner than on current iPhones.

The images show that the device came in the box with an iPhone 7 screen protector applied to its display. What’s more interesting than that is a blue “passport” we can clearly see in the box.

For the uninitiated, iPhone prototypes are accompanied by this passport document at all times, for quality assurance and control testing.

According to Australian leakster Sonny Dickson:

Each component or product that is tested they document in the page. The person writes their initials next to it and any notes about it passing or failing or any other comments. It makes its way through each test and person. It then is finally sent with its ‘passport’ from China to Apple.

That being said, we’re still unsure if the device shown on Geskin’s image is in fact one of the ten iPhone 8 prototypes Apple has reportedly tested this year or simply a dummy unit created based on rumors, but we’re posting it here for the sake of discussion.

So, what do you say?

Is this a real iPhone 8 prototype? And if so, does it represent the device we’re going to see this fall or one of the designs that Apple has ultimately abandoned?

Let us know by posting a comment below.

  • Wilhelm Roentgen

    How come the stock apps look different? Hmm…

  • malhal

    Well it has a passport and appears to be running Switchboard however it is not in a typical stealth case so not sure.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Oh boy. This better not be the iPhone 8 or else I’m sticking with my red 7 plus

    • Shinonuke

      I concur

  • igobythisname

    top ‘chin’ looks like a Samsung and the screen looks like Android, smh~

    • Jamessmooth

      Yes! What I was thinking

  • Jamessmooth

    Please no. Just no.

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Aren’t those just prototype icons?

    • Jay

      yes, something about this is real since they are showing the test OS, however that could also be planted for us to think its real too.

  • Obada Essa

    pls no.

  • zoLa siWisa

    To me it’s so fake. The plastic that protect the phone don’t even match with the actual phone


    • Shinonuke

      If you compare the first with the last, then you’ll see that the screen prot vote is bigger than the phone on the right. Pretty sure it is fake. You can see a partial of the white part with the screen protector on. Take a look at the middle, another proof that the screen protector is bigger than the phone; especially, look closely to the bezel.

  • Endrju Komon

    Im only thinking about upgrading my i6 because of that enormous and beautiful screen without that ugly chin à la samsung. If its true and we will get galaxy copy im done

  • Christopher Robin Hernandez

    By the looks of the icons, this is not an iphone

  • sg1969

    this looks so fake…