A new video that surfaced yesterday offers an up-close look, one of the clearest yet, at the prospective design of Apple’s OLED-based iPhone 8. Shared by Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks, in partnership with Tiger Mobiles, the clip depicts a dummy device with a nearly full-screen face protected by a curved 2.5D glass cover.

The dummy unit has minimal side bezels. A Touch ID fingerprint sensor is built into the display and there’s an area at the top of the display that will presumably accommodate the front-facing FaceTime camera along with a 3D sensor and potentially other sensors.

On the back, we see a vertically aligned dual-lens camera system like on prior leaks. The dummy unit measures 144mm long, 71mm wide and 7.5mm thick without the camera bump (with the bulge included, the thickness increases to 9.1mm).

And here’s the video.

This particular iPhone 8 dummy unit is a CNC mockup manufactured based on CAD files that were posted to Twitter back in April. Because it’s just a mockup based on the months-old CAD files and design schematics that have been circulating on the web for quite some time now, it may or may not be representative of the real iPhone 8 design.

  • craig

    im sorry but the camera bulge looks so ugly which is such a shame, ok it cant be helped but its the 1 thing letting it down for me, the screen i can imagine will look nice though

    • Well it’s an unannounced dummy unit. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

      • craig

        this is true, but if we are to go off designs from the iphone 6 onwards then its more than likely going to have a bulge whether its how the dummy units show or not.

        id love them to all be wrong and apple work their magic at making the bump vanish

  • DMC0


    This will be the first iPhone I won’t like. Apple design is dead if this is true.
    The area where speaker lights from the center of phone – unacceptable years before. Didn’t they make it at the botton of frame? Back with the lenses – oh please, why…
    And also – completely nothing special, nothing minimalist like years before, nothing original.

    • Vasu Chawla

      “This will be the first iPhone I won’t like.”

      we all hear this from a lot of guys for every new design…

      at the end apple makes is like it

      i too being a 5s user never liked the new design started from iPhone 6

      years later, happily ended with 7.

      • MrTarek

        yup , every years’ procedure

      • DMC0

        not from me 😉 I was defending every design since the first iphone

  • MrTarek

    if the rear turns out true i will get last years model

  • Vipal Desai

    I always wondered; could the larger lock button incorporate the touch ID sensors?

  • Rich

    I for one like this design, really hope the screen is as big as we all think it will be
    All these complaining about design and needs to change, how would you have it? You can only do so much when we’re getting to so thin devices and want big screens filling the front

  • Jaleon

    I like the square edges/shape of the 4/5/se iPhones better than 6/7 and this mockup. Wish they would go back to the more square designs… ^^