Apple today acknowledged ongoing issues with iCloud backups, noting on its System Status webpage that a small percentage of customers have been unable to create new iOS device backups in iCloud or restore from previous saves since Tuesday morning.

“Users may be unable to restore from an iCloud backup,” reads Apple’s notice.

According to the System Status webpage, less than one precent of Apple users are affected by the outage. Given the company’s one billion active devices in the wild, that seemingly small percentage potentially translates into tens of millions of affected customers.

The company states that its iCloud Backup service has been down since 8am Pacific on Tuesday. The downtime had persisted at the time of this writing, but other iCloud systems didn’t seem to have been affected.

Are you experiencing issues creating iCloud backups or restoring from previous ones?

  • iBanks

    This is like two days old now.

    • burge

      Well it does say Tuesday in the post.

      • iBanks

        Two day old news is…… old news. Pointless post. The world known two days ago.

      • Still relevant as the downtime persists

      • burge

        I didn’t know but then again I don’t use iCloud backup. So it’s the first I’ve seen about it, so does that mean I shouldn’t have to know about it.

  • Brandon Ly

    Darn I was having App Store problems with iOS 11 Beta 2, so I made an iCloud backup and restored my phone last Tuesday. During the activation I tried restoring from backup, which didn’t work. HORRIBLE TIMING

  • odedo1

    Even after extending my iCloud to GB 50 my iPhone 7 would still not backup while my iPad which is on the same iCloud account was having no problems whatsoever, after trying everything I could think of which still didn’t get it to work so I called Apple, all I can say is that Apple made it worst, so worst that it was stuck on the Apple logo loop.
    So after waiting 2 days seeing that it won’t resolve I decided that I have no choice but restore but even trying while restoring iTunes kept crashing giving me an error.
    It was only after putting the iPhone into DFU Mod that it let me do a complete restore but then I had a choice, restore from iCloud a 5 month old backup or unlock as a new phone, I decided to try the iCloud figuring that I could always DFU Restore, so I choose one old point and let it do its thing, well it took about an hour to only insert the settings and turn on the phone, that when I seen how much more it had to do, it was beautiful how it retained the folders and their names but in the folders I had many many Apps which now it had to download and install from the App Store, the iCons where only shadows till it finished installing.
    Any way I got a pretty fast WiFi and it still wasn’t finished 2 days later ( luckely I had my iPhone 6S and my iPad to play with if u know what I mean ), so 2 and a half days and over 1,600 Apps and about 500 songs later ( it’s a GB 256 iPhone ) it seemed like there was nothing left to do but the spinning wheel kept spinning so I waited another half a day till I said NO MORE and rebooted the iPhone and when it came back the spinning wheel was gone, checking I couldn’t find anything that it didn’t restore down to the messages in the iMessenger which I wasn’t expecting but I guess that iCloud restore got much better since the one time that I tried it the day it came out, back then it didn’t remember the folders never mind anything else so yea I’m typing this on my iPhone 7 and I still prefer using iTunes for backups because especially now Apple are taking down Apps that are 32bits or illegal once that somehow made it into the App Store like Movie Box which was available for an hour and once I installed, it stayed in my cloud, now about a year or so later they messed with my iCloud took it away but they have not touched many Apps that are no longer found in the App Store if you search but will still work, like I said keeping a copy on iTunes is the way to go ( I bought a 3 Tera external hard drive for it)
    Oh and guess what?
    Finally my iCloud is working as it should, backing up every time I change!!!! 😉