Three days after it launched public betas of iOS 11 and tvOS 11, Apple on Thursday released the macOS High Sierra public beta. This means that anyone can now take this pre-release version of Apple’s latest and greatest desktop operating system for a spin, including those who are not registered developers.

Needless to say, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to perform a full backup of your Mac before installing the public beta, just in case something goes wrong.

Better yet, install it on a separate partition on your Mac’s startup disk or to an external drive. To get the beta, you must enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program with your Apple ID at Then, click the link “Enroll Your Devices” and follow the instructions.

You may want to check out the official macOS High Sierra system requirements before proceeding with the installation of the public beta on your system.

You’ll need to download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility, which will change your Mac App Store settings in System Preferences so that your Mac can receive beta software updates.

As a last step, launch Mac App Store on your computer, find the macOS public beta, then click the Get button to install the public beta on your computer.

Because your Mac is enrolled in the beta program, you will receive a notification whenever a subsequent update is available and can install it from Mac App Store’s Updates pane.

Will you be testing High Sierra and what’s your strategy and approach to installing a beta OS on your computer? Also, what are your favorite features in High Sierra so far?

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  • Marcus

    I’m so tempted to try out the public beta’s for High Sierra and iOS 11 because of Messages in the Cloud…

    • nova12

      I have the iOS 11 public beta and I hate it. I’m gonna roll back and I may not upgrade when it gets released. I really really hate it.

      • Marcus

        Are you talking about iOS 11 generally or Messages in the Cloud?

      • nova12

        In general.

      • jacjustjac

        I feel very out of place for saying this, but I hate… the dock. I’ve been testing iOS 11 regularly on my 10.5″ iPad Pro but I keep coming back to my 9.7″ pro running iOS 10. It’s taken away all the simplicity of slide-over/split-view on iOS 9 & 10. To be fair I hate split screen in mission control too. I’ve tried using it many times but it’s just never intuitive to me.

        Now the dock has you sliding and finding and pecking and dragging little tiny apps to specific zones on your screen, and you’re never really sure what sliding in from the right will do. I know Apple will probably think of something better by iOS 13, but I really wish they had just added left side split-view and called it a day. Of course I want messages in the cloud but I can live with that on my iPhone/Macs only. And iPads don’t store HealthKit data, so what is there really I’ll miss out on?

      • nova12

        yeah, that’s my problem with it. they seem to have made everything take longer and a lot less intuitive. everything seems to require one or two or more additional steps/gestures now.

        the control center is messy, the screenshot function is, to me, annoying and stupid, Notification Center sucks (forced to use 3D Touch to clear and “earlier” notifications are hidden — why??) and on and on.

        I always kinda roll my eyes when I see someone say “Steve would never have allowed this,” but iOS 11 seems like the antithesis of “it just works,” and I think Steve would have taken a giant dump on it.

        And I’m not talking about the bugs, I’m talking about the actual features.

      • k j

        Dont worry, before long – the process will become intuitive, and we’ll be faster than before.

      • Andreas

        I have iOS 11 on my iPhone 7, I have MacOS High Sierra on my Macbook, and I have WatchOS 4 on my Apple Watch. I love it. There are a lot of bugs, which of course is annoying, but nothing as experience breaking as apple beta’s are usually known for; and I always install the betas. Usually with the first couple of betas I’m forced to downgrade after a few days, but this time it’s stable enough for me to live with it being installed on all my daily drivers.

        Edit: Messages in the cloud doesn’t work yet. Not sure if it is because I am outside of the US, or because it won’t be available until full release, but I sure can’t enable it.

  • k j

    Marcus – live dangerously !!! 🙂 GO all IN … and report for the rest of us 😉

  • If this is anything like Developer beta 1, I suggest everyone stay well away. My computer froze about once a day and had to be force restarted and even then it wouldn’t boot back up sometimes.