Unlike iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, your Apple Watch plays its own charging sound when placed on its magnetic charging disk. Going by same logic, iPhone 8 should play a distinctively unique charging chime when connected to its wireless charger.

Polish YouTube user “MAKS+” claims to have discovered a brand new charging sound file in the latest beta of iOS 11. To be sure, there’s no way of telling if it signifies a new wireless charging chime for iPhone 8.

As you can clearly tell yourself by listening to both sounds in the video above, the new wireless charging chime in the file named “engage_power.caf” does sound distinctively different compared to the regular charging sound in the audio file named “connect_power.caf”.

Don’t get your hops up high: as noted by MacRumors, there are several other sound files in iOS 10 and 11 that are unused and do not have a purpose.

Put simply, there’s really no way to confirm if this particular sound has been added as the new audible indicator that an iPhone 8 has been placed on an inductive wireless charger.


  • Jay

    Nah It think it will use the same chime no matter how its getting charged..

    • Why? Apple Watch has its own unique charging chime? It would be nice if they used different sounds to indicate if iPhone 8 is charging over wire/wirelessly

      • Alexis Marrero

        thats true, it would be nice. But you only need 1 chime. plug or pad youll know what your doing because you either have a cable in your hand or dont.

      • Jay

        Its unique per OS. The watch only has one way to charge. Just because the phone may have two I don’t think they’d care enough to differentiate the sound for us, it serves the same purpose..

      • Iskren Donev

        I also think that sound alerts are OS-specific. On the Apple Watch the default ringtone is nothing like Opening on iOS. Plus, all of the other notifications have distinct sounds that barely overlap with the iOS counterparts. So it stands to reason that the charing chimes on iOS and watchOS will be different.

        That said I’m not opposed to the idea of a unique charging chime to denote this hot new feature. My only concern is that it might get annoying hearing the chime all of the time especially if you keep walking in and out of charging range with the phone in your pocket.

      • techfreak23

        “…walking in and out of charging range…”

        If they implement “wireless” charging, it’s not going to be true wireless. It’s going to be on a pad through inductive charging much like MagSafe and the Apple Watch charger. We are a longggg way away from true wireless charging. So no you wouldn’t be hearing that sound all of the time unless you are constantly taking it off and placing it back on the pad…

      • Iskren Donev

        Apple is partnering with Energous to provide long-distance wireless charging to future iPhones (hopefully the one we will receive this year).

        I know it is a bit of a long shot, but my gut tells me that Apple will either go all-in with wireless charging and leapfrog the competition or they will not do it at all.

      • :D

        It’ll be a while before long range wireless charging can be commercialised. While it is technically possible, it isn’t necessarily very feasible. The biggest challenge is its poor energy efficiency. It’s also really slow.

      • Shadowelite123

        so is fake wireless charging

      • Agneev

        MagSafe isn’t inductive!

      • techfreak23

        You’re right. I just grouped together quickly in my comment but thanks for pointing that out

      • Jay

        I doubt apple will go that route. They have purchased companies in the past that are all about true wireless charging. Not the pad or cradle style we’re using currently..

  • Sounds like the mooing of a space cow to me.

    • jimothyGator

      I’ve never heard a space cow before, but I can imagine it’d sound something like this.

      • Wilhelm Roentgen

        I heard space cows mooing before but it did not quite sound like this

      • All I can say is that they sound a lot friendlier than space sheep.

  • Tech guy

    “noted” lol
    get it?

  • Dao Sasone

    How bouta give me ur $ chime lol

  • redrum

    I like it, it sounds powerful.

  • Someone needs to make the new chime for the Mac when you boot up! It’s so satisfying!

    • Agneev

      If it’s so satisfying, why would we need a new chime?

  • M P

    I just want my phone to charge lol, idc about the chime…

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    I use my own custom sound. Jailbreak > Stock OS

  • Miles Acq

    How do you look through the files of iOS? I thought that required a jailbreak.