Rolling out globally in the coming days, the desktop version of Google News has been thoroughly redesigned for easier navigation and readability while adding new features like a dedicated Fact Check section, additional controls for users to specify their favorite news sources and interests, an Apple Music-like For You section and more.

Check out the new-look Google News by visiting on your desktop.

As evidenced by the before vs. after screenshot comparison top of post, the uncluttered look is based on Google’s Material Design and makes heavy used of a card format to make it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story.

The overhauled layout focuses on publisher names and article labels, and maintains your view and place on the page as you click in and out of stories and explore topics. The lefthand navigation column is customizable and lets you jump quickly to news that interests you.

In addition to the built-in sections like Sports or Entertainment, the lefthand navigation column provides one-click access to your saved search queries like, say, “FIFA World Cup” or “Bollywood.” You can sort your news by relevance or date, see top videos, and browse top news topics in the Related block.

Story cards are designed to you a quick glance into a story.

They can be expanded to show additional articles with different points of view and are labeled with helpful tags, like Local Source, Most Referenced, Opinion, Fact Check and more. Also important, to give you additional context Google News now shows a second labeled article in addition to the top headline for each story.

Clicking the Full Coverage link from the story card brings up a bunch of news stories about a given topic. Another navigation bar at the top of the page provides shortcuts to the following sections: Headlines, Local and For You.

The Local section is your home to local news stories from any part of the world. The For You section is your personal news feed based on your interests. After signing in with your Google Account, you can customize what appears in the Local and For You tabs.

With all settings in one place, Google News now lets you quickly edit existing sections, name custom ones, select what you’d like to see in the For You section, cherry-pick your favorite news sources that you want to see more or less of, and much more.

Videos have seen some much-needed improvements, too.

“Videos have become central to news storytelling, so we improved the algorithmic selection for top videos, highlighted the top video in a story card, and built a better player,” says Google.

“While playing a video, more related videos will be available in the player.”

The Fact Check label introduced last year is now prominently used across Google News.

As a bonus, you now have a new Fact Check section on the right column of the Headlines section, filled with links to the top recently published fact-checked articles.

This section is currently available in the US only.

As I mentioned before, the new Google News is a staggered release rolling out globally in the coming days so you may not get the new look immediately.

How do you like Google’s News redesign?

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  • Dusit Mark

    It’s utter shite. Goodby Google news.

    • scottcarmich

      It is! In 2010 or so they killed iGoogle, which had all my RSS stuff on a single homepage.
      Now they screwed up Google News with this….abomination of a design. I guess I’ll just stop reading news.

  • igobythisname

    I read Google News EVERYDAY! They must’ve rolled out this update mid-day, because it wasn’t updated this morning, but now I see this article, I went back to check, and yup! I see the new format now! Thanks iDB!

  • Mark S

    I use Fox news. I guess this is now a google product blog. No I in google.

  • Cones1r

    I like fried chicken

  • At least show a few sentences of the post in the previews.

  • WhatTheFlux

    Total disaster. Big, fat, stupid dumbass boneheaded mistake.

  • Agneev

    Apple news rocks!

  • James Smith


  • Matteo

    Don’t tell Spain…

  • WhatTheFlux

    Total disaster. NO ONE likes it.

    Cruise the comments in other articles about the redesign and see.

    And, Google is ignoring all criticism.

    THAT’S the story you should be writing.

  • Marc Lawrence

    The Google News redesign is inefficient, with 50% dead space. The old design was compact; each news topic displayed links to multiple related articles. It was a fabulous resource. Now, it’s not worth my time. I haven’t found a good replacement news aggregator, but I’m looking.

  • Jose

    Calling this a “redesign” is disingenuous. This is a totally new web site with radically different functionality that has replaced the old one. It is not a new “look.” It is a giant upraised middle finger telling users of the old site to drop dead.

    The new site is universally hated. If the comments here don’t convince you, check out Google News Help forum where there are nearly 1,000 negative comments so far, or any other tech web site that had a story like this and allowed comments.

    And even Google’s own “Top Contributors” on its Google News help forum have failed to respond to the avalanche of criticism, never mind someone who can speak for the company.

    This whole thing is what is technically known among journalists as “a great story.” Google radically transforms Google News and negative and even abusive comments rain down upon them. What does Google say?

    Prepare the story about the complaints, call up the Google flacks and tell them it’s going live in an hour, would they like to make a comment. Today (July 7) is the tenth day since the redesign went live and people started complaining.

    Under the circumstances, it is not sandbagging to give them an hour to reply.They had to know from the outset that the reaction was well-nigh universally negative. If they can’t reply right away that says a lot about the attention they are paying to users.

    Note the posts discussing alternatives on the help forum (there are some here, too) and the discussion about the Chrome User Agent Spoofer (that tells the web site what client you are using). With that extension set to Windows Phone, you get the old site, what people are calling “classic” Google News.

    And this is making users furious, because it shows that Google could simply give those who wanted the option to use the “classic” version. The code, data base and functionality are still there, working perfectly just like before.

    Which means that Google is too arrogant to incorporate a couple of lines of code and a check box to let users who want to continue with the old site.

    So take a break from regurgitating press releases and do some journalism. I’ve been a working journalist since I was a teenager and I’m now on Medicare, and this is a great story for a tech site. Readers love it when journalists take a big company, cut off its head, and hold it up so everyone can see there are no brains in it.