Intent on continuing the premium Note brand, Samsung is working on an eighth-generation Note with a dual-lens camera on the back, like iPhone 7 Plus, and a larger screen. The upcoming phone should be formally announced at a media event in New York City in August, Reuters reported today.

Sources familiar with the matter have described the next Note as being “marginally larger” than the 6.2-inch version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The Note 8 event should be held in the second half of August, ahead of Apple’s presumed iPhone 8 event the following month. Last year, Samsung held the Note 7 event a bit earlier than usual in an effort to divert attention from Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement.

Watchers have speculated that Samsung, in its desire to beat Apple, made the decision to launch Note 7 earlier than usual. But the South Korean conglomerate shot itself in the foot because the issues with the device’s battery have gone unnoticed with its quality assurance teams, which were not given enough time to properly test the device.

Is reviving the ill-fated Note brand a wise move on Samsun’s part? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

  • Iskren Donev

    Samsung should really dot their i’s and cross their t’s on this one. One more fiasco with a Note product will cost them dearly.

    On the other hand I admire the commitment to continuing the Note product line. If they hit it out of the park with the Note 8, the Note 7 fiasco will be a distant memory.

    • Rowan09

      People won’t forget it’s too early, but the real Note fans will buy it anyways. I’m sure they still have people with the Note 7 even though the S8 does everything it can do without a stylus.

      • Iskren Donev

        The launch of the S8 leads me to believe that people will forget about the fiasco, as long as Samsung doesn’t repeat it. From my experience with the S8 launch, there haven’t been too many jokes about exploding batteries and such – most people are genuinely impressed with the display and that is the central focus of the conversation. If they manage to do something similar with the Note 8, the company will be in the clear.

        As for the Note 7 – last I heard in an effort to discourage people from using it Samsung issued a software update that wouldn’t allow the device to charge at all. A drastic, but necessary move to protect people.

      • Rowan09

        I believe the media loves Samsung can you imagine if Apple had this issue? The S8 has the same screen as the S7 I’m not sure why people keep saying they are impressed as if it’s new.

        Some people I believe will still like Samsung but stay away from the Note line. True Note fans won’t go anywhere though. I thought the update only stopped the phone from charging past 60%.

  • iBanks

    Such a pointless image to associate with an post of an new device with two cameras. I just don’t see the point -from an Apple fanboy.