Influential US magazine Consumer Reports today published their latest smartphone rankings. After weeks of “rigorous testing”, the organization has ranked Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 Plus, which released in late April, higher than Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices, which have been on the market for eight months now.

The testing procedure took into account popular user features such as design, battery life, cameras, display quality and more. The top spot was previously occupied by the earlier-generation Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

As for Apple’s smartphone, Consumer Reports ranked iPhone 7 Plus fifth.

Here are the top five smartphones, according to Consumer Reports:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • LG G6
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Despite the latest Galaxies not having a dual-camera setup, Consumer Reports doesn’t think consumers will miss the depth of field photography and optical zoom features found on iPhone 7 Plus.

“A few top-end cameras, including the iPhone 7 Plus and the LG G6, have dual rear-facing cameras, to enhance either zoom or wide-angle photography,” notes the report.

“The Samsung phones haven’t gone that route yet—and we don’t think they suffer for it.”

The latest Galaxy phones have “some of the best smartphone battery life we’ve seen,” they added.

Consumer Reports testers found the latest Galaxies’ curved AMOLED display with the drastically reduced bezels at the top and the bottom both pretty to look at and functional, with a bigger screen area in the same-size device.

That doesn’t necessarily make the flagship Samsung phone comfortable to hold in one’s hand.

“Even on the smaller model, it will be hard for most users to reach the upper regions of the screen with their thumb,” said lead phone tester Richard Fisco.

Consumer Reports’ biggest gripe with the new Galaxy S8 family? An “awkwardly” positioned fingerprint sensor on the back.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

The fingerprint scanner on the back is awkwardly placed. You can use the scanner for unlocking the phone, and that works well. But it’s right next to the rear camera, and we found ourselves repeatedly poking around to locate it—and smudging the camera lens in the process.

Consumer Reports is, of course, the same publication that lost some of its credibility by first not recommending iPhone 4 due to Antennagate only to change its mind a few weeks later. The fact they’re now pitting the latest devices from Samsung and LG against Apple’s 2016 smartphone—which will be superseded by iPhone 8 in a three month’s time—isn’t helping either.

  • Will Maitner

    I call bull if they rated the Samsung S7 Edge over the iPhone 7 Plus…

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    How much is Samsung paying these people

    • igobythisname


    • George

      As much as Apple pays the verge.

  • Micke på taket

    Yeah,, and pigs Can fly..
    The most terrible phone i ever owned is the galaxy s7edge . Edge screens is A major pain in the ASS.. Wrong inputs on screen all the time and super laggy after A while, just like A Windows compter,, looses gps signal etc etxandroid is still A mess and many apps are just much more refined on iOS … im not A fanboi, just want the best things outthere

    • igobythisname

      i agree, apps designed for android are terrible and some just flat out have pre-historic UIs!

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        +10 for this one. For example outlook for iOS is way wayyyy better than its crapdroid counterpart. Crapdroid doesn’t get apps like Carrot Weather. LOL. bought the s8 plus. started lagging after two days. sold it.. its pure garbage

      • jakeopp

        Doesn’t take long to find iOS apps that meet that same standard.

  • M P

    I’m a iPhone 7 Plus owner and personally the galaxy s8 looks way better that my iphone, the screen looks better and battery lasts longer, I know this because my father has one. I prefer iPhone but that s8 is sick

    • Jay

      Idc what bells and whistles anyother phone has all I need is iOS… yes even when Its not jailbroken I still prefer it over any android device.

      • M P

        If that’s completely true, go get an iphone 5s lol

      • Jay

        Nothing wrong with the 5S, if I lost my 7 and thats the highest model I could afford Id grab it.

    • Icisz

      Having both to use on a daily basis- trust me you aren’t missing anything. The screen and bezel placement are ok sure, but the novelty eventually wears off, and in some cases the curved edges create some issues with the cropping they do- at times it just looks wrong and it’s beyond annoying. Needless to say, the whole industry is shifting to a new paradigm in reduced bezels and a larger screen in the same general size footprint, but is there some massive improvement with amoled vs. the panel in the 7plus? Not so much, in fact I still prefer apples tuning to Samsungs, however Samsungs offering gives you more granular control for settings (if that helps the average user I’m not sure) and the amoled is likely a little less power hungry.

      Further, the facial recognition is poor, and now has an enhanced and dumbed down setting with poorer security because it was a poor experience initially. Iris scan: somehow that feature bothers me and irritates my eyes so while it may work, I’m not a fan. Apparently it is also relatively easy to compromise…. The finger print sensor is a royal pain to use with their own clear view case… the lower area (virtual home button) force touch is poor- not like a well simulated button press that Apple got right, and no force touch on any other part of the screen: I guess they had their reasons for not using it, but the long press alternative just isn’t the same. (subjective I suppose)…

      The s8/s8 plus are a very nice looking device and fit in the hand well; there is no denying that, but having both to choose from- I find the iphone experience to be superior with far more continuity; the user experience is fluid, rich and quick. 9/10 times I reach for the 7plus because it is simply easier to achieve tasks more efficiently in iOS (for me and imo).

      All this featuritis is out of control on Samsung and android in general, and somehow they feel that an enhanced camera is unimportant? Uhhh- well I think that sales and the industry would disagree there too.

      These consumer reports obviously don’t take enough real world use into account. The level of fragility, an incomplete bixby- which will soon be two assistants and two NFC payment models…a plethora of strange hardware and software engineering choices that puzzle me on a daily basis… also, why have last years product lines competing with this years product lines? I could go on.
      At times CR is just too disconnected, seriously, and this isn’t the first case and won’t be the last.

  • Ian Kelly

    A newer phone is ranked higher than an older one? Who would have thought. Wait until iPhone 8 is released.

  • mickey

    Not sure why CR caught so much flak for antennagate. I could replicate it every time on my 4 (actually killing my signal). The s8 screen is worlds better than what apple has now. It may be long but the overall size is compact and makes a plus look clunky in comparison. And of course the s8 will rank higher than the previous gen iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 will be its competitor.

  • smtp25

    I have the S8+… the rear fingerprint sensor is a non-issue with my Spigen slim armour case your finger easily hits the sensor and not the camera, you don’t need to fish around for it. Camera is awesome. I still would like to get the iPhone8 when it comes out, the s8 was an awesome deal $400 of RRP so I had to get it as my old phone was dying. 18hours+ battery life. A lady at work has over 33 hours, she uses it very lightly oviously.. if you change it to max power saving she would get 72 hours