Last week, Apple announced and highlighted new versions of iOS and macOS. Improvements for both operating systems look impressive, especially iOS 11 for iPad. With each OS release, Apple also includes at least one new hero wallpaper that symbolizes the newer version. Then, a mad dash occurs to obtain the images, providing you access, even without the need to rely on a beta release. Take a step inside for three wallpaper downloads.

The only reason I am able to share these today, is the dedication of my hard working Twitter followers. Within a few hours, I had people sending me versions of the image to help curate this post. Thank you so much! You can follow along and help with these efforts by connecting with me via @jim_gresham. The Wallpapers of the Week section wouldn’t be possible without you.

iOS 11 wallpaper

Shout out to the following folks who helped track this image: @HayestackZ; @CPO_859; @CEOApplePro; @AR72014; @adam_perjesi. Having several versions is helpful, because it helps curate the best image for sharing. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

Download iOS 11 iPhone Wallpaper

macOS High Sierra and iMac Pro desktop wallpapers

Shout out to the following, who helped source this image: @StuartLombard9; @CEOApplePro via @macosworld; @adam_perjesi.

Thanks, specifically to @AR72014 for the iMac Pro announcement wallpaper!

Download iMac Pro wallpaper: desktop (2767 x 1556)

Download macOS High Sierra: desktop 5K (5120 x 2880)

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