Many iOS 11 features seem to be inspired by the jailbreak community. Among them, a brand new call audio routing option in accessibility settings that allows you to set your iPhone to automatically answer incoming calls on your behalf, should you wish so.

This optional feature supports regular calls via your carrier’s mobile network, as well as Wi-Fi calls, FaceTime audio and video calls and any VoIP calls originating from third-party apps that use Apple’s CallKit framework, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more.

To enable this feature, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Call Audio Routing.

There, you’ll see the call routing options which include settings like Bluetooth headsets, the iPhone speaker and more. These options are also available on prior iOS editions. But look at the bottom and you’ll see a brand new menu, labeled Auto-Answer Calls.

TUTORIAL: How to set your iPhone to automatically answer calls

Tapping it takes you to a new screen where you can enable or disable the feature and set the duration of time your iPhone will wait when a call comes in before it’s auto-answered for you.

This handy new option, as I already mentioned, is nowhere to be found in iOS 10.

I can see myself using Auto-Answer Calls a lot, not just while jogging with my AirPods or working out with my PowerBeats in my ears but also in other situations when interacting with the phone may be impractical, like driving a car or swimming with my Apple Watch on.

How do you like this nifty new feature in iOS 11? When iOS 11 releases publicly later this fall, will you be using this new auto-answer call setting, and why?

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  • Better yet Apple, add the option to hang up / deny a call from an blocked/hidden number… How long has that been going on? Seems like a logical option to me Ugh..

    • Wait, I’m confused. I’ve been able to block calls on my iPhone for years and no blocked number ever rings my device.

      • Ken Takeshita

        Oscar is talking about not just blocking a call (which goes into voice mail), but blocing a caller from being able to leave a message.

      • Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, too bad they don’t have that yet. Though there are apps for that, no?

      • What I mean was, like last time was two days ago where a blocked/hidden number called me and I could not hang up. All Apple lets you do is let it ring till it ends or they give up, or pick up.

      • Brock

        Tap your lock button twice and it declines the call

      • I’ll try that next time! Isn’t it weird that there’s no visual button?

      • Khad

        That is exactly what i was doing for a very long time, its just there.

  • John

    At first I thought this mean Siri would answer the call or something…

  • Mike M. Powell

    Automatic answer? I’ll remind myself to keep this deactivated if I have “company” over

  • This is great, now older devices could be used as FaceTime security cameras! Oh wait, 32 bit is no longer supported… iPhone 5s seems like a waste to use as a security camera. Maybe the 16 gb model

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      iPhone 5s is 64 bit

      • I know! But the 5S is still quite fast & useable day to day, making it a waste just as a security camera. Older devices would make more sense but aren’t supported.

      • leadingedgeboomer

        If I am ever forced to consider an iPhone larger than my 5S, then I’ll be in the market for a completely different phone.

  • Zaw Win Htun

    It would be better if they can add white list to it, so it’ll allow automatically pick up calls from people whom we want

    • That’s true. You could achieve a whitelist by turning on do not disturb, disabling “allow repeat calls” & enabling emergency bypass for the whitelist contacts.

  • Jay

    How stable is this build? I may give it a try..

    • MMA Rules

      Battery goes fast, but everything else is fluid

      • Jay

        Alrighty thanks.

  • Ian Weir

    Finally, now we just need the option to add another phone number to the device.

  • Agneev

    If I could set a custom message to be played like voicemail, it would be great! Not all carriers support voicemail, so the iPhone alternative could work!

  • Alex Morales

    I probably would not use auto answer because of all the spam calls that have been happening lately. I would prefer to pick and choose what I want to answer.

    • I came across this article when looking to see if iOS 11 blocked spam calls. Seems like it would make them worse.

  • siddique

    that feature was in nokia phone very very long ago

  • leadingedgeboomer

    How about the opposite? I want all incoming phone calls to be silently ignored if the number is not found among Contacts. Apparently I can segregate “foreign” iMessages into a separate list, but I’d like to drop them on the floor too. Oh but that would ignore irrelevant messages from Verizon, can’t have that.

    And get off my lawn!

  • Dylan Wentworth

    This could be very useful if it was an actual call queue and placed the caller on hold until you got out of the bathroom. If it just answers and unmutes the mic, way too many opportunities to pickup intended and embarrassing sounds and words. Some carriers offer this for an extra charge but i works rush to do the update if that became hardware based.