For their monthly meet up, Joaquim and Sebastien briefly discuss the latest and greatest of WWDC 2017. The duo then talks about recent development in the jailbreak community including a jailbreak for iPhone 7 on iOS 10.1.1, Extender Installer, CoolBooter, a few jailbreak tweaks, and more.

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Show notes

Delta b4: View

Extender Installer: No more 7-day signing worries: View

Last chance to save blobs for, upgrade, downgrade iOS 10.3.1: View

iPhone 7(+) stable jailbreak on iOS 10.1.1 with extra_recipe: View

Additional info: Now with Substrate View, Now with support for 10.0.x.

Extra_recipe now has preliminary support for iP6s(+?) and iPad Air 2.

Not yet compiled by Todesco into .ipa, but GitHub shows support for extra devices coming. Benefits over yalu102?

CoolBooter app updated to b9.

Thought development was off, now back on, joke?
Changes: Better iOS 7 support, fixes some/all bootloops.
No update to CLI version yet. If testing, uninstall secondary OS before updating and reinstalling secondary OS.

JailbreakersUnite: a new conference that aims to bring jailbreak community members together

JailbreakersUnite site

This tweak makes Control Center default to the Now Playing card when music is playing

Allow guests to sign into your iPhone or iPad with Guest Mode 2

New jailbreak tweak brings a MacBook Pro-style Touch Bar to your iPhone

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  • David Gow

    First off I updated iTunes then I went to rejailbreak with impctor I usually forget to revoke the app certificate and get errors so this time I did it first. After I did that my impctor would not show my phone info. iTunes does not recognize my phone ( it will charge via computer) I did put in dfu mode
    It seemed to work but at the top of screen it showed a message. Something about contacting apple with the cord showing it wants to be plugged in I canceled the first message from iTunes then before I hit restore I press the shift key and restore entered my saved shush blob for iOS 10.2 the first bar works then when it installes I get a 1349? Error I’m not sure
    My dilemma is do I upgraded to iOS 10.3.1 and risk losing my jailbreak then downgrade to ios10.2
    using previous method
    it’s been a week now with hours trying to figure it out
    . Dfu mode with power off press power wait then home button also then ten sec or so release power button

    Any help would be appreciated thank you

    I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and in my computer settings I have reinstalled apple driver and stuff. The bonjour part I could not reinstall could that be the culprit
    Thanks again

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      What are you trying to do though? You can’t downgrade to iOS 10.2 without a jailbreak. What is your aim? Thanks!

      • David Gow

        I was jail broken seven days were up used impactor to revoke then impactor didn’t show my phone I am on iOS 10.2

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Are you on Windows? It seems more like a problem with your USB drivers, and iTunes. If Impactor can’t see your phone, it can’t do anything. Try using a different computer/lightning cable/reinstalling iTunes/reinstalling your USB drivers…

      • David Gow

        Thank you I don’t have another computer but I’ve tried five USB cables did unisnstall iTunes and reinstall but I never restarted my windows after I u installed iTunes maybe I should try that and yes iTunes diagnostics could not find iphone

      • David Gow

        I’d like to rejailbreak my iPhone with Yalu but impactor or iTunes doesn’t recognize my phone even in dfu mode

      • David Gow

        I’ve updated to latest iOS will try promethius. Thanks for your help