AirPano City Book, normally priced at $2.99, is currently on offer for free if redeemed through the Apple Store app. The elegant city viewing application is best described as an interactive, photographic composition of selected cities, including but not limited to New York, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, Rome and Shanghai.

Just like City Book’s sibling app Travel Book ($4.49), it offers delicious views and angles on your favorite places in the world, which can be zoomed, panned and also experienced in a virtual reality mode. Moreover, each city accommodates a nicely presented City Guide comprising conventional tips on food and culture as well as more unorthodox talking points such as urban legends, lifehacks and more.

The free offer remains valid on the Apple Store app all the way through July 15. To obtain and redeem your voucher code, pop open the app and scroll down the Discover tab until you cross the green poster advertising it. From there, simply follow the instructions to redeem the free app on your App Store.