One of the many new features in iOS 11 is a completely redesigned Control Center. As you can see in the above screenshot, it looks nothing like the previous design, with more of a widget-style interface, and yes—it’s back to a single page.

Apple describes it as far more customizable than previous versions of Control Center, allowing you to quickly access the settings for things you do most. We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like you can customize at least some of the settings and app shortcuts that appear here.

This being a smaller feature in the grand scheme of the iOS 11 update, there aren’t many other details available yet. We are currently installing the developer beta and will be sure to publish a post with a full breakdown of the new CC.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Is that a DATA TOGGLE?!?!?!? & it looks ehhhhhhh :/

    • Yeah the iPhone has toggles for Airplane Mode, Cellular Data, WiFi, Bluetooth and if you long press it controls for Air Drop and Personal Hotspot appear as well.

      • Mike M. Powell

        I saw that we can now CUSTOMIZE it now. Something the JB community been wanting Apple to do for ever and we finally got it. 🙂

      • Well it’s limited customization, but it is nice to control those buttons at the bottom. I have mine set to the flashlight, calculator, camera and the Apple TV remote right now. I found that having more than 1 row meant it was hard to reach the toggles at the top with one hand since reachability doesn’t work with it.

        But I think the most interesting thing is that apps can now register their own controls here so we can put certain tools that we decide we use all the time here.

  • Nick Greenway

    Where are my home kit toggles!

    • Giel Konink

      yeaaah !! where are the hope the are not gone !!

    • Agneev

      There may be a separate page for them…

  • AMB_07

    I really hope it’s customizable, not a huge fan of the single page aspect but if I can customize it then all is good.

  • David Pomerleau

    He 3D touched into the wifi/airplane/Bluetooth toggles but it looked like all it did was zoom them in?? If you’re not able to shortcut to settings for those toggles that will be silly

  • MMA Rules

    iOS 11 the biggest disappointment

  • Guilherme 

    Meh… the only thing I liked about the new CC is the volume and brightness up and down sliders. I don’t think I’ll update to iOS 11 anytime soon. If ever. Every year Apple is redesigning everything. Not giving people what they want. Instead of taking 2 or even more years to update the OS to actually give us something new and “revolutionary” as they say, no they have to just update every single year with only tiny increments to Photos, Camera, Messages, Siri and such… really disappointed at Apple as I was expecting even before the keynote started

    • Mike M. Powell

      Right I was “hopefully” expecting a quick compose or something. But the way the CC looks all jumbled like that? I liked the 2 page swipe imo. But I guess this is the only way to keep people waiting for more by giving little features :(. Watch all the Big ones only come with the new phone

  • joro_abv

    Looks really horrible !!! Apple keeps going in the wrong direction with CC.

    • Agneev

      Trust me, you’ll like it + I hear that it’s customizable…

  • Kadir

    Where is the dark mode!

    • Agneev

      Control Center’s not dark enough for you?

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    What time does it come out?

    • Agneev

      September 10th at 10-11AM probably.

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        I mean the first beta what time today I have the dev profile

      • Agneev

        It’s out.

      • Agneev

        At least that’s what Craig said on-stage.

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        It isn’t I checked just now it says 10.3.3 ur software is up-to-date he said today he didn’t say what time or that it’s already out

      • Agneev

        Maybe wait an hour so…

  • Raymond Lanser

    Always two steps forward and 1 step back with the UI design. This really is a jumbled mess. Here’s to hoping this gets refined/restructured by the fall, but knowing Apple they’ll fix it in iOS 10.2 and act like they’ve added a whole new feature.

  • Juan Arias

    Really hope it’s customizable now the design is widget-like, but looks kinda bad or out of place :/

  • Melo

    Not bad in my opinion but it’s bad that this is the only significant “change”

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Apple focused majority of their resources to iPad

      • Melo

        I was talking about iOS on iPhones, forgot to mention.

  • StarShootex

    As stated on Apple’s new updated website, the new CC is fully customisable :O


      As you can see, it’s not exactly customizable, but there are a lot of extra buttons you can add to the bottom or arrange in whatever priority you’d like.

      Interestingly enough, the flashlight, timer, camera, Apple TV, accessibility, alarms, screen recordings, stopwatch, font size, voice memos and wallet icons all have additional long press actions available to them.

      • How did u do this? (Im on iOS 11) can’t find any options

      • Go to settings, control center and then add or remove anything you want 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

      • No problem 🙂

      • Peter Shen

        I’m loving how Apple Watch and iOS guide each other in shaping interface elements. The music widget came right off the Apple Watch!

        Now if this loses the rounded corners it would become Metro tiles. 😀

  • Blip dude

    Sadly, while I will by no means be waiting around for a Jailbreak, when one is finally released for iOS 11, and compatible with next gen iPhones, I will still jump ship. Still no Dark mode from the looks of it, and unless released in future beta, no options to select toggles for Control Center. Definitely happy with iOS 11 on the iPad. On the iPhone though, it’s just another OS update.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      yep, seems Apple alternates between iPhone and iPad focused iOS updates each year. last year iPad barely got any new changes

  • igobythisname

    i guess I’m the only one who came here to see if anyone made a [[Horseshoe]] reference…

  • marcos

    Horrible! Apple following the design of Android, what a horrible thing … are losing their creativity. BACK JOBS

  • Jay Dee

    iOS 11? They should call this iOS 10.4.

    This has to be smallest yearly iOS update ever.

    • Let’s see, they added a brand new customizable control center,
      New Do not Disturb features for driving,
      New features for images including the ability to view animated gifs, markup support and new editing options for Live Photos,
      Improved SIRI voices and new capabilities like translation into French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish,
      Brand new App Store,
      Apple Pay between friends,
      New Camera filters for taking images,
      Document scanning and other new features in Notes,
      More notification options on the lock screen and the ability to see notifications accidentally dismissed by unlocking via fingerprint,
      Improvements to Messages including message syncing and better app access,
      New 1 hand keyboard options and new keyboard capabilities for iPad,
      Apple Music now has new “what your friends are listening to” sections,
      News App improvements,
      New AirPlay tools,
      New automatic Phone setup tools,
      New Screenshot tools with instant markup support
      Some new app icons as well as changes to OS animations and misc control appearances,
      The new Files app,
      Redesigned Calculator App,
      New Maps features for road speed, lane aware directions and mall floor plans…
      Drag and drop support,
      Built in support for AR apps,
      Redesigned multitasking tools (such as slide over no longer interrupting access to the app behind it),
      Improved task switching on iPad,

      Sounds like a measly little point update to me 😛 But also keep in mind that the things they released to developers today isn’t all of it either. There is always more stuff that gets unveiled in September as well. IDK, overall I’m happy with it, what were you hoping for?

      • Melo

        So you seriously want to say that it’s a seriously big update?
        Quantity doesn’t automatically bring quality.

      • I guess I’m confused by your language of “big update” and the OP’s “smallest … update ever”. Hearing those terms I’d typically think you guys were referring to number of changes.

        But if you’re referring to quality of changes, I guess this surprises me too. Many of these changes aren’t brand new never before seen features. I’d argue that almost everything in this year’s update is quality of life. Things like drag and drop is really slick, and I’ve found myself using the new screenshot -> markup tools a lot in the last 24 hours (and it could be ultimately one of my favorite new features). The new multitasking slide out panel is a huge quality of life update, and same with lots of other smaller changes that I didn’t even feel like mentioning in that last list. Things like the ability to type questions to SIRI, or brightness controls for the flashlight app, the ability to nearly instantly launch the Apple TV remote from anywhere in the OS, better syncing between Apple Watch and iOS, the cellular data toggle, Turning on Airplane mode no longer shuts off wifi by default, and on and on and on.

        There’s also other things that really aren’t features that add stability and quality such as ending support for 32 bit apps or better automatic space management too. While I admit this year’s update wasn’t filled with mind blowing amazing new features, I don’t think it’s fair to frame it as a small update and even less fair to frame it as lacking quality (at least on paper, it’s possible it could suffer from bugs or performance issues but it’s too early to make any judgment calls on that).

      • Anonymouse

        Good to ser you back to your old self. Did you buy another bundle of shares from the profits of your last sell off? 🙂

      • $0 off of 0 old shares earned me enough to buy 0 new shares so it’s been a productive week so far 🙂

        But honestly the only question I’d have for anyone reading that is, was anything that I said wrong? If it was I’ll change it.

  • Jake Stevens

    What was wrong with the pre-iOS 10 control center? Now we’re just left with a confused mess. I have to say this is one area where I think Android does it better, with the controls above the notifications.

  • Jay

    To Apple iOS looks good and they don’t want to overhaul it again because it isn’t broken. Is users want something new because we want something new.

  • Matt

    Good god, it’s ugly. They ruined it with iOS 10, and threw it in trash with 11.