Apple is taking a new responsibility in the world of delivering music to your home by unveiling the HomePod, a new wireless speaker and assistant for your house.

This intelligent new wireless speaker uses similar technology to what’s available in the AirPods, except it’s incredibly more advanced on both the software and hardware ends of things.

Complete with a 7 beam-forming tweeter array, each of which have their own amplifier for sound quality, and a 4-inch up-facing subwoofer system that delivers clean bass without distortion, HomePod is made to really ‘rock your house.’

This speaker system is more advanced than any other, as it has sound awareness technology that can detect when the device is against walls and adjust the sound output accordingly so that the most of the sound is spread out into a wide-open area instead of muffled against a wall.

To make things even cooler, you can team up two HomePods in the same house setting, and the intelligent A8 chip inside of the device will enable the devices to work together to deliver richer sound.

With 6 omni-directional microphones, the HomePod is also a fully-capable “Hey Siri” listener that can interpret what you say. It’s easy to speak to your HomePod no matter how close you are to it; more importantly, it can hear you even when loud music is blaring.

When you access the Hey Siri function, a waveform appears at the top of the device, just like on your other Apple devices, providing a nice visual any time you access the feature so you know it’s working.

It works seamlessly with your Apple Music subscription, giving you instant access to over 40 million individual songs, and in addition to music, HomePod is intelligent thanks to its full Siri integration, and can help you access critical information like:

  • Basic Siri queries
  • The latest news headlines
  • HomeKit controls
  • Access traffic, sports, weather & more

Like with most Apple devices, your HomePod Siri queries are encrypted and sent to Apple’s Siri servers with a unique Siri identifier rather than with personal information, so your privacy and security are safe.

HomePod pairs with your iPhone 5s or later running iOS 11 just as easily as your AirPods do with your current devices; all you have to do is walk within range of your HomePod and your device will remember it and be able to take full advantage of it.

Fairly priced at $349, HomePod comes in both white and space gray colors. It will be available in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States starting in December, and will join the rest of the world starting in 2018.

In what looks like a very fairly-priced home assistant that can not only play music, but control your HomeKit devices and answer Siri queries, Apple’s HomePod bids good competition against Amazon’s Alexa and Google Now.

Will you be picking up a HomePod or two for your house? Share why or why not in the comments section below!

  • What is that mess… and the name??

    • shali Yfrimashvilly

      It’s looks good.

      • $350 for an already outdated product. Courageous.

      • Sharkey311

        Speaking of outdated. How ’bout that outdated meme you just dropped.

      • Literally no idea what you are saying

    • Juan Arias

      I thought the same at first, but the name must be related to Apple music gadgets like iPOD, earPODs, airPODs i guess, but “Apple Speaker” or “Siri Home/Speaker” sounds better imo.

      • It better ROCK my house. That is all I am saying. haha

  • Vinnie Bones

    The Homie

  • Giel Konink

    looks goood !!

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Would like to test the sound speaker first – if it sound to my taste, then I’m picking it. I crossed my finger it isn’t the Beat type of product 🙂

  • Blip dude

    “Fairly priced at $349”

    I’m sorry, what?? Look, it’s certainly an excellent product, but if you wanna talk fair, while nothing is fair, the price tag isn’t fair here either.

    • Shaun Lewis

      Fore the components and considering the usual Apple premium, I think it’s about right. That said, it’s going to be overkill for many. A lot of us already have nice home audio/theater systems and don’t want to several hundred bucks more for extra components that basically amount to a high-end Bluetooth speaker. Apple needs to follow this up with a cheaper, paired down version, Echo Dot style, that has a couple less mics and a very basic speaker just for Siri, and that outputs all other audio to existing audio systems.

      • JZ


      • Anonymouse

        No Bluetooth connection. Wifi with MIMO only.

      • Agneev

        Even better.

      • Anonymouse

        No 3.5mm plug or aux. If Apple has anything to do with it, they’ll stop 32 bit devices from pairing. Now that’s a ‘win-win’ situation.

    • Juschan

      i mean if i pay about 280€ for a Bose soundlink 3 Speaker why wouldnt i pay a few more bucks for that … i really thought it would be even more expensive

  • Ds

    So if the rumors are true that the company that is in charge of production for the Airpods will be prodcing this… people will be waiting years to get one after it comes out.

  • Markieze Mitchell

    349!?!?!? I’m going to go ahead and get a google home. Siri little upgrade didn’t do much for me anyways. By time this thing drops, both Amazon and Google would have adjusted and created better products for cheaper prices for future releases. Apple is always so late in the game and yet charges the most…

    • Rowan09

      Google and Amazon never focus on quality just good enough. The price of a product (tech product) for the most part always go hand in hand with price.

  • Franklin Richards

    If the speakers are as good as Phil says they are I might consider it. If it’s mediocre then I’ll just upcycle and old iPhone and a pair of spare speakers… Or just continue using my PC like normal.

  • I don’t understand this product. Everyone who would buy it is probably already part of Apple’s eco system so they should already have access to SIRI everywhere they go anyways. Furthermore if you’re just wanting wireless speakers, it’s a lot cheaper to get wireless speakers than to add redundant SIRI technology into them.

    In thinking what might have made them appealing to me, it’s too bad they didn’t allow you to connect them to an iMac to use as an audio hub. You could stream music from any other device to them or play them over the wire from your iMac, but you could also plug in headphones (you know, use them like a normal set up desktop speakers but with airplay functions added). But the selling feature in this setup would have been if that “supposedly really really nice” microphone technology could have been accessible to the iMac (or whatever is plugged into it) for recording audio, Skype calls, etc. An all in one desktop audio / microphone / airplay / SIRI for entertainment, recording, gaming and everything in between would have made be seriously consider this. But meh… Not as-is.

    • Anonymouse

      Good god what’s happened tp you? You used to be the Phil Schiller of comments.Have you sold your Apple shares?

      • Haha, thanks? But honestly if I think a product is good I’ll support it and if I think it’s bad I’ll criticize it. It’s as simple as that.

        I don’t subscribe to hating on something or loving it because it’s the popular thing to due. I figure I have my own brain and can use it to come to my own conclusions. And I figure that formulating your own opinions is pointless if you can’t defend them (hence some of the comments I’m sure you’re talking about).

        Oh and no I’ve never owned Apple shares 😛

  • John

    How about they skip this technology to recognize if it’s against a wall and make it cheaper. $349 is crazy not fairly priced. LMFAO at that in the article. The echo tower sounds great and is so much cheaper. Am I wrong in that most things are against a wall? I have speakers in every room of my house and they are all against a wall; that’s why they face outward into the room. This is some Beats Shiz here, sounds like they are charging for the name more than quality. Also hope Siri gets much better by December because having her say, “I found this on the web for a simple inquiry all the time won’t cut it.

  • FFF84

    I’m not going to get one and I’m ok with the price but I was really annoyed by the logic apple used to convince us with the price.
    You can’t add the price of a wifi speaker and a smart speaker and then call the result a fair price, because both product share about 80% of there component. It is like pricing a washer dryer combo by adding the price of a washing machine and a dryer.
    does apple think we are stupid 🙁

    • Rowan09

      But that’s how they determine a price. Is that not the same thing Microsoft did with the Surface Pro line? They said it’s a full laptop and a tablet so they charge a premium for making the 2 into one. Apple isn’t doing anything different.

      • FFF84

        And as I said I am ok with the price but i was annoyed by the way they used to justify it.
        Microsoft charged the price of premium laptop for the surface pro but they didn’t add the price of a tablet to the price of a premium laptop

      • Rowan09

        Yes they did. The reason why the Pro is so much is because of the tablet aspect. They have the same intel processors as any other laptop with less space but 3-4 times the price. I’m fine with what they did, but to make it seem as if this was an Apple created marketing scheme is not true that’s all. Remember when the PlayStation 3 came out and Bluray players where about $800 and yet people complained about the PS3 being $600 when it included a Bluray player as well.

      • Julio M.

        Idk, the Surface Pro costs the less then a MacBook Pro. I’m not seeing how they added another $800 on top of the $2000 price of a MacBook Pro. Right now, you can get the decked out Surface Pro for $2,429.10 while the 13.3 MacBook Pro is $2000 and the iPad Pro is $800. And they don’t have less space, the Surface has 1TB with 16GB of ram while the MacBook has 512GB with 8GB of ram.

        I’m not on either side, I own the 2014 MacBook Pro and have a gaming PC. I’m just pointing out that your statement about pricing is off.

      • Rowan09

        Yes the my increased the storage on the Surface Pro and dropped the price since they made the Surface Book, but it’s no way considered cheap is my point. You can buy a touch screen laptop for way less than $2400 with Windows OS. Macs are expensive because they are specialized for the most part. For example you can get a touchscreen HP for $800 with 16GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive. Microsoft is pricing the Surface Pro and Book just like Apple does for the Mac, the issue is Apple Macs are the only laptops with Mac OS and there are tons on Windows laptops.

  • nova12

    nope. already have echo dots and sonos speakers everywhere. and with the ability to control sonos via echo coming soon, I’m all set. and while I have Apple everything else, Alexa is much better than Siri imo.

    • Rowan09

      Not according to a post made here a couple weeks ago, they were both the same while Assistant and Cortana was better. This is Siri for IOS 11 and I have the beta and it’s significantly better.

      • nova12

        be that as it may, Alexa has always worked better for me.

        and regardless, as noted, with one Echo, 5 dots, and 7 various sized Sonos speakers throughout the house and everything working perfectly (Hue rooms and individual lights, all my ITTT integration with alexa skills, etc) and voice control for Sonos coming soon, I’m out of the market for a $349 redundancy.

        I’m a slave to ecosystems and I’m loathe to switch once I’m bought in. That’s part of the reason I’m all Apple on most things. iPhones, iPads, macs, appleTVs. I’d never go to an android phone because my Apple ecosystem is so entrenched now.

        For me, the “HomePod” just comes too late for that particular product type. I’m bought into another ecosystem for I guess thousands of dollars and years of tweaking to get it just right for me. “It just works.”

      • Rowan09

        Ok cool, I understand. I’m not getting thr speaker since I don’t need it and my home is far from automated. Maybe in the future.

      • nova12

        there’s nothing more fun than a house full of automated lights at 3am on a workday when the power blips and every light in the house comes on blazing at 100%. and then you have to wait til the router boots back up to turn them all off and you’re totally awake.

        you’re missing out. 😉

      • Rowan09
  • Alexander Figueroa

    MmmMm it might sound good but $349 and it doesn’t have Bluetooth or battery

  • Donato Bearint

    FinA of course apple speakers. Def the highest quality smart speaker available. Come on it can detect how close to a wall to give better sound quality. Yea I’ll buy three

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Overpriced rubbish.

    • Vasu Chawla

      overpriced = agreed!
      rubbish = hmm,let me think.. . agreed!
      but many would still buy that, and we all know it and apple knows it.

  • samball sam

    Does this tampon come in RED too?

    • Vasu Chawla

      nope, might come with next product (RED) drive next year.

  • Raymond Lanser

    lol, at all the people flabbergasted by the price. Let’s see: the full size echo has 1 (maybe 2, I’m judging based off the inside product photo) tweeter, at $180. HomePod has 7 tweeters, and sound maps the room to provide consistent projection throughout an entire space. While I think the whole Apple Music limitation is stupid and I would like to see some more capabilities, it definitely is a high end speaker, and not far off in price point.

    I’m sure people are laughing at the 5k iMac Pro price, but not considering the display itself is worth 1,550-2,000+.

  • Andrew Little

    Whenever they have to justify a price tag by throwing higher numbers at you to help with sticker shock, it’s obviously too expensive.

    If you disagree with me, I have a Disney timeshare I’d like to sell you. Now, we all know Disney is worth BILLIONS, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to sell you 1 week a year for the next 50 years for about a million bucks, so I’m excited to announce that you can buy it from me for the low low price of ONLY $700,000. Contact me and we’ll set it up.