Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference today that Messages on iOS 11 will now synchronize your chats across devices via iCloud while making it a lot easier to get to your favorite iMessage apps and stickers using a redesigned app drawer.

With the redesigned drawer, your favorite iMessage apps and stickers live as horizontally-scrollable thumbnail icons lined alongside the bottom of the interface. Before today, getting to a sticker pack or an iMessage app you wanted to use was a multi-tap affair. With a new Messages in iCloud feature, when you sign in to a new device all your existing conversations will be automatically synchronized, and stay in sync.

For example, if you delete a message on your iPhone it will get automatically deleted from Messages on your iPad, and vice versa. And because your full Messages archive is now synced via iCloud, iOS 11 only keeps the most recent messages on the device while downloading older ones on demand.

As a result, Messages will consume a lot less storage space on your device, and device backups will be faster, too. According to Apple, iOS 10 is now installed on 86 percent of supported devices in the wild, up from the 79 percent adoption rate for iOS 10 reported on February 20, 2017.

iOS 10 features 96 percent customer satisfaction.

Image: The current Messages app on iOS 10.

  • Matthew Schroeder

    Ooooh more iMessage junk to ignore… here hoping there’s more to learn about iOS 11 in the coming months, because this news was pretty weak.

    • Fanboy 

      You mad bro?

  • Anonymouse

    12 year olds rejoice at the news they made it easier to get to stickers,

  • Abdullah Uzair

    New Developer, I have High Sierra on my touch bar MBP and iOS 11 on my 7+, iCloud Sync isn’t working, is this usual for apple releases not to work because their server side may not be set up yet, if so, how long do they usually take to get them up and running, any chance it will happen before September?

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Yeah mine isnt working either. Its greyed out on Ipad and iphone and Mac says its unavailable.

      • Megan

        Mine was grayed out too. I had to enable two factor authentication- shot in the dark suggestion from the dev forum. And then turn iMessage off and back on. Then it solidified in color. It’s syncing right now and I’m seeing the space increase in iCloud but I’m getting a repeated message failed to send notification on a loop from 598 days ago. If I stop the sync the notification stops. So I’m putting my phone on DND and letting the sync finish. We’ll see.

  • Michael C

    This may be a stupid question, but will iMessage data be calculated into your iCloud storage? My phone backup is currently at 4.2GB (I don’t sync photos, just app data) and as we all know Apple provides 5GB free. My iMessage data is using 3.5GB under device storage. Sounds like if I want to back them up, I will need to pay for additional storage.

    • Yes it’ll use your iCloud storage space if you turn on the sync to iCloud feature. The regular feature doesn’t since it’s already including it in a backup format as part of your phones backup

      • Michael C

        Thanks! Appreciate it. 🙂